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Historic Sites Visitor Information Guide

From the home of the California Legislature,
to the mansions that have housed California's first families. . . . .

From the museum that houses 21 lavishly restored locomotives and cars that were instrumental in connecting California to the rest of the nation, to the museum that displays exhibits and artifacts illustrating the cultures of the State's first inhabitants, which was made up of over 150 distinct tribal groups, who spoke at least sixty-four different
languages. . . . .

From the place where, in 1848, James W. Marshall found shining flecks of gold that changed the course of California's and the nation's history, to the fort that was a stronghold of pioneer memories stemming from the 1890s and contains artifacts once belonging to the Donner Party. . . . .

From the park depicting early rancho life and the agricultural empire of General Vallejo, to the park and its plaza that represents what was once the largest town in central California and a vital crossroad for travel between northern and southern California. . . . .

From the park that is the birthplace of the California State Bear Flag, to all of us; come visit California's historic sites!

Historic State Park Sites

  California State Capitol Museum

  California State Railroad Museum

  Colonel Allensworth SHP

  Columbia SHP

  Governor's Mansion

  Leland Stanford Mansion

  Marshall Gold Discovery SHP

  Monterey SHP

  Petaluma Adobe SHP

  Railtown 1897

  San Juan Bautista SHP

  Sonoma SHP

  State Indian Museum

  Sutter's Fort