Anderson Marsh State Historic Park

UPDATE (May 21, 2020) - As California State Parks begins working with locals on a phased and regionally-driven approach to increase access to state park units where compliance with state and local public health ordinances can be achieved, it is important for visitors to continue to practice physical distancing and avoid congregating with people outside their immediate household. Everyone has the responsibility to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

Here are some guidelines for people visiting Anderson Marsh SHP:

What is open now?
Anderson Marsh SHP is now open to limited parking for day-use recreation at the following facilities:
  • Trails for active recreation such as hiking, running, and bird watching.

What is currently closed at this park and throughout the State Park System?

At this park:
  • Campgrounds
  • Visitor Centers
  • Picnic Areas
  • Congregate and high touch areas
  • Campgrounds.
  • High public-use indoor facilities, including museums and visitor centers.
  • Special events and tours continue to be canceled until further notice.

Are there any new visitor guidelines?

Yes, please see below:
  • Stay Local: Stay close to home. Walk or bike into the park. Parking may be limited. Do not take road trips to parks and beaches or to neighboring states.
  • Stay Active: Keep walking, jogging, hiking and biking. Watch for one-way trails.
  • Stay Safer at 6 Feet: Maintain a physical distance of 6 feet or more. Gatherings, picnics and parties are not allowed. Visitors will be asked to leave if there are too many people at the park, beach or on trails to allow for the required physical distance.
  • Stay Clean: Be prepared. Bring soap/sanitizer and pack out all trash.
  • Stay Covered: Please be sure to wear face coverings when you cannot maintain a safe 6-foot distance from others.

Thank you for your patience and continued support of California State Parks as we work to limit your risk for exposure to COVID-19 in the outdoors. For more information, please visit

Phone Number

(707) 279-2267

Park Hours

Sunrise to Sunset

Dogs Allowed?

Dogs allowed in parking lot only.

Driving Directions to Anderson Marsh SHP

The park is located on the southeast corner of Clear Lake, the largest natural lake completely within the borders of California. Between Lower Lake and Clear Lake on Highway 53, north of Calistoga in the wine country.

Online reservations are not available for this park.

Upcoming Park Events

No events scheduled at this moment.

Hiking Trails
Historical/Cultural Site
Picnic Areas
Interpretive Exhibits
Nature & Wildlife Viewing

Come see what autumn is bringing to Anderson Marsh State Historic Park

Image of birdThe Park at this time of year is beautiful.  The colors of autumn at the Park are wonderful shades of cream, yellow, brown and green – interspersed with the startling color of small yellow sunflowers, periwinkle chicory, white ground “morning glories” or the fluffy white airiness of California Milkweed seeds and many California Wild Rose “hips” – most are still a lovely red and a very attractive food for many birds and mammals.   Most of the blackberries are drying and shriveling up but they are still interesting to birds and wildlife.  The wild grapes that grow are ripening, and bunches are hanging from vines in trees.  Mistletoe berries are ripening too. 

The fall bird migration is underway.  Birds that we may see include a belted kingfisher looking for breakfast in the creek, acorn woodpeckers getting ready to store acorns in their “granary” trees, the first cedar waxwings arriving to dine on berries and grapes and perhaps a pair or two of phainopepla. (Love that name! These are usually birds of arid-mesquite land, but are found in this Park because of the abundance of mistletoe berries).  Also on hand may be red-shouldered hawk, red-tailed hawk and white-tailed kite.  Often seen in Cache Creek are great egret, great blue heron and black-crowned night heron.

AM Interpretive logoAnderson Marsh State Historic Park is located on Hwy 53, between Lower Lake and Clearlake.  

For more information about the walks, email or call (707) 995-2658. 

For information about how you can help support AMIA’s campaign to keep the Park open to the public and available for events such as our monthly nature walks and ranch tours, please visit, or contact us by telephone or email.

Location - Directions

The park is located on the southeast corner of Clear Lake, the largest natural lake completely within the borders of California. Between Lower Lake and Clear Lake on Highway 53, north of Calistoga in the wine country.

Seasons/Climate/Recommended Clothing

The weather can be changeable; layered clothing is recommended.

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