Park Interpretive Programs

You have reached the Park Interpretive Programs page!  This is where you can find many resources that can help you locate interpretive programs in parks near you. 

Find out what type of experience you can expect from the various programs that are available.  Below is a list of some of the programs California State Parks offers:

Natural History Field
Trips: Programs, tours or demonstrations relating to natural history themes are presented to school groups that arrange their park visit in advance.

Cultural Heritage Field Trips:
Students learn first-hand about California’s rich cultural heritage by visiting state historic parks. Tours, programs and demonstrations are provided by park staff to school groups.

Environmental Studies Programs: Offers school children a park experience that explores interaction between people and their environment. Students learn about earlier cultures and lifestyles and use this knowledge to recreate elements of the culture or era being studied.

Environmental Living Programs: These are similar to environmental studies programs but include an overnight stay at the park. Both programs incorporate demonstrations, hands-on activities and follow-up student assignments.

Junior Ranger Programs: "Junior Rangers" is a statewide educational program in which children aged 7 to 12 may participate. The program emphasizes stewardship of park resources and connects park resource issues to global concerns.

Litter-Getter Programs: "Litter-Getters" is a program that individually engages children in trash-collecting activities while it explains the environmental value of acting responsibly in parks.

Junior Lifeguard Programs: Teach young park visitors aged 8 to 15 about water safety and aquatic natural history.

Guide to Environmental Education Programs
If you would like to see if the above-mentioned programs are in your area, please click on this link for more information.

Interpretive Facilities
Information on various types of facilities available at parks throughout the state park system.