Our vision

One of the core values at California State Parks is cultural diversity and accessibility. We believe in the right of all Californians, including persons with disabilities, to have access to recreational opportunities, and enjoy the cultural, historic, and natural resources found in our state parks.

Planning your visit

California State parks can be quite different from commercial or even city or county recreational facilities. State Parks are often created around special, sometimes remote, natural or cultural resources that allow us to escape our everyday lives and refresh our spirits. Rustic campgrounds, winding trails occasionally invaded by tree roots, isolated beaches with limited amenities, and wind-whipped ghost towns challenge our spirit of adventure. We welcome all who seek the diverse adventures our parks offer. Please be realistic about your needs, and plan ahead to help ensure an enjoyable visit.

Accessible features in California State Parks

Accessibility improvements are ongoing at California State Parks.  Many of our park units have facilities such as restrooms, campsites, and visitor centers that are designated accessible.  In some cases, these facilities were accessible when constructed but may not meet all current building and access codes.  The accessible features webpage for each park unit includes descriptions of the accessible facilities using a set of defined terms, and explains deviations from the most current accessible standards to the extent practicable. To find accessible features by type of recreational opportunity, by park name, or by geographic region, please visit the Accessible Features in California State Parks website.

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