Meets all or most of the current accessibility standards; most visitors with disabilities will not need assistance

Generally accessible
Meets many current codes and has few barriers, but some visitors with disabilities may need assistance

Meets some current codes but has some barriers; many visitors with disabilities may require assistance

Designated accessible
Describes facilities that have been set aside and usually signed or “designated” accessible because they met accessibility codes when built. Such facilities may vary from newer suggested guidelines in specified ways, and improvements may be planned or ongoing. Minor variations from guidelines are not usually described. This term is often used for parking spaces that are reserved for visitors with disabilities even though there may be minor issues with slope, signage, or size.

Accessible trail
A recreational trail that has been constructed in full compliance with federal standards for outdoor accessible trails.

Improved access trail
A recreational trail that, due to terrain or other factors, contains one or more deviations from full compliance with the federal standards for outdoor accessible trails. Please refer to the trail description on the park website for a list of obstructions that may hinder one’s ability to navigate the trail.