Auburn State Recreation Area Canyon Keepers (ASRACK)
or Canyon Keepers

Founded in 1998, the Canyon Keepers is a volunteer organization assisting the Auburn State Recreation Area (ASRA) professional rangers by providing information and assistance to park visitors.  They have monthly meetings and hikes that are open to the public.  Other activities include Junior Ranger programs, Confluence docent duties, trail maintenance, tabling events, and additional organized hikes.

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Folsom-Auburn Trail Riders Action Coalition (FATRAC)

Founded in 1996, FATRAC is a non-profit organization that assists the Auburn SRA by bike patrolling trails and rivers in all areas.  Their goal is to educate trail users about proper trail stewardship which includes maintaining local trails as well as keeping the public informed of important issues regarding bicycling.  Volunteers will also provide park visitors with information/education on the historical, cultural, natural features, and safe use of the park.

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Mounted Assistant Unit (MAU)

Auburn Mounted Assistant Unit started off as a sub-unit to the Folsom Mounted Unit from 1981-1986.  It wasn't until January 1, 1986, when MAU started an Auburn Mounted Assistant Unit under Chief Ranger Mike Van Hook.  MAU is a volunteer organization that patrols the outer trails and rivers within Auburn SRA.  Patrolling on horseback, the volunteers are out in the park tending to trail maintenance, clean-ups, and assisting park visitors with directions, park rules and regulations as well as assistance in emergency situations.  
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Protect American River Canyon (PARC)

Protect American River Canyons (PARC) is an Auburn-based grassroots educational group dedicated to the protection of the wilderness, recreational, cultural, and historical resources of the North and Middle Forks of the American River and its canyons for all to responsibly care for and enjoy.  PARC sponsors river educational and appreciation events, outings, hikes, river cleanups and Paddle Safety Day.  PARC makes public presentations, publishes the American River Guide Book and a seasonal newsletter, and remains alert to the political situation of the canyons.  PARC is a member of the American River Coalition which coordinates American River protection efforts.

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Western States Trail Foundation (WSTF)

WSTF is a volunteer organization that gives back to the canyon as well as to
the community.  Their goal is to protect, preserve and maintain the Western States Trail.  This is a historic 100 mile long trail that is used every year for the Tevis Cup.   

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