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Special Events

*Please do not flag routes unless you are a permitted event.

2017 Special Events Calendar

*This calendar is a tentative schedule of 2017 Special Events in the Auburn SRA.

Date Time Event Name # of Participants Trails/ Area Used Flagging Color
1/22/17 7am - 10am Fleet Feet Training 45 Overlook Park to Cardiac (China Bar Area)  
1/29/17 7am - 10am Fleet Feet Training 45 Lake Clementine Trail to Lake Clementine (Confluence Area)  
2/4/17 8am - 5pm American Canyon Ultramarathon and Trail Race 140 Auburn Dam Overlook to American Creek Canyon and Back - Western States, Quarry Trail, Wendell T. Robie Trail. (China Bar Area)  
2/5/17 7am - 10am Fleet Feet Training 45 Olmstead Loop Trail (Cool Area)  
2/11/17 9am - Noon Greengate 20-Miler 250 Western States Trail starting at Sliger Mine Rd. to Auburn. Wendell Robie Trail, Brown's Bar Trail, Quarry Road, then back (Cherokee Bar and Confluence Areas)  
2/12/17 7am - 10am Fleet Feet Training 45 South on Pioneer Express Trail to Horeshoe Bar (Folsom SRA)  Fluorescent Pink
2/18/17 7am - 5pm FOURmidable 550 Overlook parking lot to Cardiac Hill to Pioneer Express Trail to Western States to No Hands bridge to Knickerbocker to Western States to No Hands bridge back up to the Overlook parking lot. (China Bar, Cool, and Confluence Areas)  
2/19/17 7am - 10am Fleet Feet Training 45 Quarry Trail to Brown's Bar (Confluence Area)  Fluorescent Pink
2/26/17 7am - 10am Fleet Feet Training 45 Training Hill and Western States (Confluence Area)  Fluorescent Pink
3/4/17 8am - 4:30pm Way Too Cool 50K Endurance Run 1125 Olmstead Loop to Western States to Quarry Road to Auburn Lake Trails to Western States and back to Olmstead (Cool and Confluence Areas)   
3/5/17 7am - 10am Fleet Feet Training 45 Western States Trail toward Confluence (Confluence Area)  Fluorescent Pink
3/11/17 6am - 9am Chanoko 31K Trail Run 170 Overlook Park to China Bar to Folsom (China Bar Area)  
3/12/17 7am - 10am Fleet Feet Training 45 Cool to Goat Hill (Cool Area)  Fluorescent Pink
3/18/17 10am - Noon REI Trail Run Series 175 Olmstead Loop and Training Hill (Cool and Confluence Areas)  
3/19/17 7am - 10am Fleet Feet Training 45 Pioneer Express North (Folsom SRA)  Fluorescent Pink
3/19/17 6am - 4pm Real Cool Cycling Festival   Cool Area  
3/25/17 8:30am - 2:30pm Knickerbocker Canyon Trail Run 285 Western States Trail to No Hands bridge to Dam Trail to Olmstead Loop (Confluence and Cool Areas)  
4/1/17 6am - 8pm American River 50 Mile Endurance Run 625 Folsom SRA (Brown's Ravine) to Pioneer Express Trail and back through to Folsom SRA. (Folsom SRA and China Bar Areas)  
4/29/17 5:30am - 7pm American River Classic Endurance Ride 130 Folsom SRA to Overlook to Cool Staging Area (Folsom SRA and Cool Areas)  
4/29/17 5:30am - 8:30pm Canyons 100K 475 Foresthill to Western States Trail to Ruck-A-Chucky and back to Foresthill (Foresthill and Ruck-A-Chucky Areas)  Fluorescent Pink with LED light clips
5/6/17 7:30am - 11:30am Dirty Secret Trail Run 1000 Olmstead Loop to Northside School (Cool Area)


5/6/17 7:30am - 2pm Mammoth Bar Enduro 500 Staging at Mammoth Bar parking lot and using the Confluence Area trails (Confluence Trail, Stagecoach Trail, Lake Clementine Trail, Culvert Trail). This event requires temporary trail closures. Affected trails will reopen after 2pm on Saturday, May 6.  
5/20-21/17 7am - 4pm Auburn Triathalon 1000 Will pass through China Bar Area  
5/27-29/2017 8am - 3pm 3 Day Memorial Run 280

5/28 - Foresthill to Western States ending at Driver's Flat (Foresthill and Ruck-A-Chucky Areas)

5/29 - Cherokee Bar to Placer High School via the Western States Trail (Cherokee Bar Area)

6/17/17 8:30am - 10:30am REI Trail Run Series 172 Olmstead Loop Trail (Cool Area)  
7/8/17 7am-Noon She Rocks the Trails - 10K to 25K 185 Overlook Park to Cardiac to No Hands Bridge and back to Overlook (China Bar and Confluence Areas)


7/9/17  9am-5pm Tevis Educational Ride 80 Foresthill to Driver's Flat.


7/23/17 6:45am - 1pm Blood, Sweat, and Beers Trail Run 1150 Passes through China Bar Area  
7/29/17 5am - Noon Pioneer Spirit 50 100 Cool to No Hands Bridge to Overlook.  
8/4-6/17   Tevis      
8/5/17 6pm - 12am Twilight Trail Adventure Run 235 Overlook Park to Cardiac Trail to the canal and back to the Overlook (China Bar Area)  
8/12-13/17 6am - 6pm Cool Moon Trail Run 140 Olmstead Loop (Cool Area)  
9/16/17 9am-7pm Folsom Lake Ultra 100 From Folsom to Cool to Confluence to China Bar area then back to Folsom.   
9/23-9/24/17 All Day REI Climbfest ~100 Quarry Climbing Area  
10/1/17 7:30am - 12pm Heart of Cool Trail Run 550 Northside School to Knickerbocker Area (Cool Area)  
10/7/17 - 10/8-17 3pm - 3pm Coolest Ride and Tie 44 Olmstead Loop and Cool trail system  
10/7/17 9am- Noon Out of the Darkness Walk for Suicide Prevention 200 Starting at Railhead Park to pump station and back (China Bar area)  
10/15/17   REI Class   Quarry climbing area  
10/21/17   REI Class   Foresthill Divide Loop  
10/22/17   REI Class   Quarry - Trail and climbing area  
10/22/17 8am - 1pm That DamN Run 200 Olmstead Loop and Cool trail system  
10/28/17   REI Class   Quarry climbing area  
11/3-5/17 5am - 11am Rio Del Lago 100 Mile Endurance Run 375 Folsom SRA to Confluence Area to Quarry to Auburn Lake Trails back to the Confluence Area and back to Folsom SRA (Confluence Area)  
11/4/17   REI Class   Quarry climbing area  
11/11/17   REI Class   Quarry climbing area  
11/18/17   REI Class   Quarry climbing area  
11/19/17   REI Class   Quarry climbing area  
11/23/17 8am - 11am Run Hunger Off the Divide 150 Olmstead Loop and Cool trail system  
 12/9/17 8am - 11am  Foresthill Bridge Vertical Challenge   100 From Confluence area to Foresthill Bridge  


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Special Events Application Form (California State Parks - Gold Fields District)

For questions or additional information contact Auburn State Recreation Area at (530)885-4527