Hunting is Allowed

Hunting Picture

Hunting is allowed within Auburn State Recreation Area with the following restrictions:

No hunting is allowed at the following locations:

  • All lands west of Highway 49
  • The main body of Lake Clementine and adjacent lands within 150 yards of the Lake.
  • Within 150 yards of any access road, building, campground, including Ruck-A-Chucky, Mineral Bar, and Cherokee Bar.
  • The Middle Fork of the American River and adjacent lands from Highway 49 Bridge upstream to the Lake Clementine Dam.
  • All lands west of the intersection of the Old and New Auburn-Foresthill Roads

Many trails run through open hunting areas.  For safety purposes it is recommended to stay 150 yards from recreational trails.

 Season:    Hunting is only allowed during the respective open
                    season as established by the Fish and Wildlife Commission.

Deer, California Quail, Dove, Bandtail Pigeon, and Wild Turkey.

 Method:    Only shotguns, rifles, bow and arrow may be used and only in compliance
                    with all Fish and Wildlife regulations.  Except for shotguns and rifles used for
                    hunting during the hunting season, all firearms, loaded or unloaded, are
                    prohibited in the Auburn State Recreation Area (CCR 4113).


Keep in Mind

There is no area open to sight-in weapons. 

And there are no areas open for target practice.

Generally, hunting times are 1/2 hour before sunrise and 1/2 hour after sunset.
Except Spring Turkey season where shooting hours end at 4:00pm.

Deer tags maybe validated at the Auburn State Recreation Area Office by Rangers.