Auburn SRA Trails

Biking in ASRA      

Mountain Biking

State, County and Park roads open to motor vehicles, are also open to bicycling under the conditions contained in the Vehicle Code. The maximum speed on all trails is 15 MPH. The maximum speed is 5 MPH when passing pedestrians, equestrians, and when approaching blind curves. Mountain biking and other bicycling is allowed on certain roads and trails in Auburn S.R.A.

The following areas are open to bicycling:

    Foresthill Divide Loop Trail which runs along the Foresthill Road by the Grizzly Range and loops around up by Driver's Flat.

    Omstead Loop Trail, starting behind the fire station in Cool, on Highway 49, El Dorado County.

    Stagecoach Trail which runs from Russell Road in Auburn to the Old Foresthill Road Bridge on the North Fork of the American River and connects with the fire road to the west end of the big Foresthill Bridge.

    Lake Clementine Trail which runs from the Old Foresthill Road Bridge to Lake Clementine Road.

    Fuel Break Trail which runs from Lake Clementine Road to the Auburn Foresthill Road near the Foresthill Bridge, with the connecting Culvert Trail to Mammoth Bar.

    Trails and roads in the Mammoth Bar off-highway vehicle area located off the Old Foresthill Road.

    Mammoth Bar to the Confluence trail.

    Quarry Trail, from Hwy. 49 to Poverty Bar on the Middle Fork American River.

Horseback riding

Hiking and Horse Trails

Over 100 miles of hiking and horse trails wind through the steep American River canyons and along the North and Middle Forks of the American River.  The most famous trail is the Western States Trail, which runs 100 miles from Lake Tahoe to Auburn, with over 20 miles in the park.  A map showing the trails is available from the park office.

The major trailheads are as follows:

       Pleasant Avenue in Auburn City.  This trailhead and horse assembly area is at the
       end of the Western States Trail and connects with trails going to Cool, Foresthill and
       other park trails in El Dorado County.  Traveling west, the trail connects to Maidu 
       Drive and the Auburn-Folsom- Sacramento trail system.  Plenty of horse trailer

       Maidu Drive (off Auburn-Folsom Road), in Auburn.  This trail connects to the
       Auburn-Folsom-Sacramento trail system.  Limited parking.

       Highway 49 at the North Fork of the American River and the Old Foresthill Road. 
       Known as the "Confluence", due to the meeting of the North and Middle Forks, this
       area is the main trail head area for hiking and mountain biking.  Trails from this area
       lead to Lake Clementine, Mammoth Bar, Stagecoach Trail (Russell Road) and along
       the North Fork.  Nearby is the Quarry Trail, on Highway 49.  Roadside parking is
       available.  Often very crowded on summer weekends.

       Quarry Trail is off of Highway 49, 1/4 mile south of the American River
       crossing.  The trail connects with the Western States Trail and all trails in
       El Dorado County (south of the American River).  Limited parking in a small lot.

       Knickerbocker/Cool Trailhead off Highway 49 in Cool.  Located by the fire
       station is the parking lot and trailhead for the 10 mile Olmstead Loop Trail and
       connector trails.  Plenty of parking for both cars and horse trailers.

Hiking in ASRA