Mountain Biking

Mountain Bike RiderTraditional bicycles, mountain bikes and Class 1 electric bicycles (e-bikes) are permitted on certain trails within Auburn SRA.

Class 1 e-bikes are equipped with pedal-assist motors only, which cease to provide assistance once a maximum speed of 20 MPH is reached. Class 2 and Class 3 e-bikes are not allowed on any trail within Auburn SRA and may only be operated on public roadways. For more information on e-bikes in California State Parks, visit

The maximum cycling speed on all trails within Auburn State Recreation Area is 15 MPH; however, when passing pedestrians and equestrians, and when approaching blind curves, cyclists may not exceed a maximum cycling speed of 5 MPH.

Maps of, directions to and detailed information concerning these trails can be accessed via California State Parks’ official trails app, OuterSpatial. This app can be downloaded through the Apple Store or Google Play. Other excellent, Auburn SRA-specific maps and trail guides can be found and purchased through the website of our partner, Protect American River Canyons (PARC).

The following trails in ASRA are open to traditional bicycles, mountain bikes and Class I e-bikes:

Bridgeview Trail
A wide, open 0.8-mile trail, which connects with both the Stagecoach Trail and the Mossy Rock Trail. The Bridgeview Trail offers stunning views of the Foresthill Bridge, which is California’s highest. This easy to moderately difficult trail features a starting elevation of 708’, with a minimum elevation of 702’, a maximum elevation of 1,292’ and ending elevation of 1,289’.

Confluence Trail
This single-track, 1.8-mile trail provides a short, scenic out and back excursion from Old Foresthill Rd., at the Confluence Area to Mammoth Bar Rd., above the Middle Fork American River. Cyclists must reduce speed to 5 MPH around blind curves to avoid collisions with hikers. This moderately difficult trail features a starting elevation of 590’, a minimum elevation of 574’ and a maximum/ending elevation of 1,066’.

Culvert Trail
This popular, moderately difficult 1.2-mile trail offers a short, out and back excursion from the Fuel Break Trail to Old Foresthill Rd. It connects to the Confluence Trail, the Lake Clementine Trail and the Fuel Break Trail. The Culvert Trail features a starting elevation of 1,594’, with a minimum elevation of 1,151’, a maximum elevation of 1,604’ and an ending elevation of 1,154’.

Flood Road Trail
A single-track, 0.3-mile connector trail that links to Mossy Rock Trail, Stagecoach Trail and Upper Stagecoach Trail. This moderately difficult trail features a starting/minimum elevation of 1,184’, with a maximum/ending elevation of 1,299’.

Foresthill Divide Loop Trail
This 10.6-mile loop trail offers a quintessential American River Canyon experience for cyclists, hikers, trail runners and equestrians. It offers beautiful views of Lake Clementine, as well as the north and middle forks of the American River. Elevations on this easy to moderately difficult trail range from 1,600’ to 1,900’.

Fuel Break Trail
This wide, easy 1.5-mile trail begins off Foresthill Rd., just east of the Foresthill Bridge on the north side of the road. The trail ends at the paved Lake Clementine Rd., and connects with the Culvert Trail and the Lakeview Connector Trail. This trail features a starting elevation of 1,489’, a maximum elevation of 1,689’ and a minimum/ending elevation of 1,286’.

Lake Clementine Access Trail (Doc Gordon’s)
This wide, “easy down, moderate up,” 1.4-mile trail provides access to Lake Clementine above the North Fork Dam and below the Upper Lake Clementine Day Use Area. Users enjoy outstanding views of Lake Clementine and the limestone outcroppings on the opposite shore. The trail features a starting/maximum elevation of 1,466’ and an ending elevation of 731’.

Lake Clementine Trail
This easy, 1.8-mile out and back trail begins at the Confluence and is ideal for a panoramic hike along the North Fork American River. The trail ends at Lake Clementine Rd. Follow this road left for ¼ mile toward the river for a breathtaking view of the North Fork Dam. The trail features a starting elevation of 557’, with a minimum elevation of 538’ and a maximum/ending elevation of 944’.

Manzanita Trail
A narrow, winding 1.3-mile trail that connects Canyon Dr., above the Auburn SRA headquarters office, to the Stagecoach Trail. This moderate to difficult trail features a starting/maximum elevation of 1,194’, with a minimum elevation of 997’ and an ending elevation of 1,056’.

McKeon-Ponderosa Trail
A dirt road, which is closed to vehicular access, this steep, 2.6-mile trail connects Driver’s Flat Rd., near the Ruck-a-Chucky Campground on the Middle Fork American River to McKeon-Ponderosa Way on the Foresthill Divide. The trail features a starting elevation of approximately 780’ and an ending elevation of approximately 2,100’.

Mossy Rock Trail
This shady, moderately difficult 0.7-mile trail connects to the Bridgeview Trail between Foresthill Rd., and Eldorado St., south of the Foresthill Bridge. The trail features a starting elevation of approximately 980’ and an ending elevation of approximately 1,000’.

Olmstead Loop Trail
This easy to moderate, 8.8-mile loop parallels Hwy. 49 near the Town of Cool on one side and the American River Canyon on the other. It passes through rolling oak woodlands and includes canyon descents, climbs and water crossings. Elevations range from approximately 1,350’ to 1,500’.

PG&E Road Trail
This “moderate-up, easy-down,” 1.3-mile trail offers spectacular views of the Middle Fork American River, as well as present and past limestone quarrying operations. This trail is best accessed from the Quarry Trail. There is no parking available at the upper end of the trail. Elevations range from approximately 700’ to 1,300’.

Quarry Trail
This wide, level and easy, 5.6-mile trail connects Hwy. 49 to Poverty Bar. It follows the route of an old, Gold Rush-era flume – a man-made channel used to convey and harness the power of river water for hydraulic gold mining operations. Part of this trail was later used as the Mountain Quarries railroad, which transported limestone from the adjacent quarry. Elevations average approximately 700’ along the length of the trail.

Robie Point Firebreak Trail
This easy to moderate, 3.6-mile firebreak trail offers stellar views of the North Fork American River and the Auburn Dam construction site. The trailhead is located on Hwy. 49, ½ mile south of Auburn, behind Murphy’s Gate. At the 0.5-mile point, the trail merges with the Western States Trail before continuing to Auburn’s Overlook Park. The trail features a starting elevation of approximately 1,150’ and an ending elevation of approximately 1,345’, climbing over 500’ during the last ¾ mile.

Stagecoach Trail
Originally a stagecoach line built in 1852, this “moderate up, easy down,” 1.8-mile trail connects the Confluence to Russel Rd. and offers spectacular bird’s eye views of the Confluence Area and the American River canyon. From the Confluence, the Stagecoach Trail begins at an elevation of 567’, climbing to a maximum, ending elevation of 1,256’.


Hiking and Horse Trails

Horse TrailOver 100 miles of hiking and horse trails wind through the steep American River canyons and along the North and Middle Forks of the American River.  The most famous trail is the Western States Trail, which runs 100 miles from Lake Tahoe to Auburn, with over 20 miles in the park.  A map showing the trails is available from the park office.

The major trailheads are as follows:

  • Pleasant Avenue in Auburn City.  This trailhead and horse assembly area is at the end of the Western States Trail and connects with trails going to Cool, Foresthill and other park trails in El Dorado County.  Traveling west, the trail connects to Maidu  Drive and the Auburn-Folsom- Sacramento trail system.  Plenty of horse trailer parking.
  • Maidu Drive (off Auburn-Folsom Road), in Auburn.  This trail connects to the Auburn-Folsom-Sacramento trail system.  Limited parking.
  • Highway 49 at the North Fork of the American River and the Old Foresthill Road.  Known as the "Confluence", due to the meeting of the North and Middle Forks, this area is the main trail head area for hiking and mountain biking.  Trails from this area lead to Lake Clementine, Mammoth Bar, Stagecoach Trail (Russell Road) and along the North Fork.  Nearby is the Quarry Trail, on Highway 49.  Roadside parking is available.  Often very crowded on summer weekends.
  • Quarry Trail is off of Highway 49, 1/4 mile south of the American River crossing.  The trail connects with the Western States Trail and all trails in El Dorado County (south of the American River).  Limited parking in a small lot.
  • Knickerbocker/Cool Trailhead off Highway 49 in Cool.  Located by the fire station is the parking lot and trailhead for the 10 mile Olmstead Loop Trail and connector trails.  Plenty of parking for both cars and horse trailers.

Hiking Trail