Host Your Special Event at a Diablo Range District Park!

Special event permits are required if you are interested in using the park for events or activites other than then those pre-approved by the Department.

The Diablo Range District State Parks can make great sites for a wide range of events. Events at our parks can include anything from family gatherings and weddings to off-road vehicle competitions and festivals. There are 11 parks in the district where the public can host special events. 

If you are interested in holding an event at one of our parks, feel free to reach out to our special event coordinator for questions or submit an application to the park.

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Outside the Benicia Capitol building

Benicia Capitol State Historic Park is the only pre-Sacramento state capitol that still exists. Located next door to the Benicia Capitol is the Fischer-Hanlon House, which had once been part of a fire-damaged, gold-rush-era hotel until it was later converted into a home. The park is located in downtown Benicia and has beautiful gardens and historic indoor spaces. It is a popular site for meetings and weddings.

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A meadow in Benicia SRA

Benicia State Recreation Area covers marsh, grassy hillsides and rocky beaches along the narrowest portion of the Carquinez Strait. It is a popular spot for cyclists, hikers, equestrians, and bird watchers. The marshland area on Dillon’s Point is a particularly favorite place for fishing. Three campsites are available for an overnight stay. These are limited to motorhomes or vehicles with trailers, which must be fully self-contained, as tents are not permitted.

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The dock at Bethany Reservoir SRA

Bethany Reservoir State Recreation Area is located in the north end of the San Joaquin Valley in Byron, CA. It is a popular location for fishing, windsurfing, walking, and biking. The park has a bike trail, dock, picnic tables, and several shaded areas. The park could be a good site for a large gathering or cookout.

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A trail at Brannan Island SRA

Brannan Island State Recreation Area is located in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. This park has countless islands and marshes with many wildlife habitats and many opportunities for recreation, including boating, fishing, and swimming. Brannan Island contains a ten lane boat launch, picnic areas, and over 140 campsites for motorhomes, trailers, and tent camping. Brannan Island has large open spaces and many picnic areas that can accomodate large groups.

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A dirt bike rider at Carnegie SVRA

Carnegie State Vehicular Recreation Area is one of nine SVRAs administered by the California Department of Parks and Recreation. It offers numerous off-highway opportunities for motorcycles, ATVs, 4x4s, and side-by-sides.The park also includes a campground, day use area, and MotoMart, where visitors can buy refreshments, bike parts and riding gear. The park's riding areas consist of a Motocross Track, ATV/MC Track, 70cc Children's Track, and 110cc Beginner Track. It is also a popular location for hill climbs and off-road competitions.

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A view at Fremont Peak State Park

Fremont Peak State Park includes some of the higher peaks of the Gavilan Range. It offers expansive views of Monterey Bay, San Benito Valley, Salinas Valley, and the Santa Lucia Mountains. Visitors can hike the park's trails through pine and oak woodlands or grasslands, which are home to many birds and mammals. The park also features campsites, picnis areas, and an astronomical observatory with a 30-inch telescope, which is open for public programs on selected evenings. 

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A morning view at Henry Coe State Park

Henry W. Coe State Park is the second largest California State Park, with just over 87,000 acres of scenic hills and mountain ridges in the Diablo Mountain Range. In the spring, the park's grasslands produce a wide variety of colorful wildflowers. It also is the site of several historic buildings from the 1900's. There are numerous activities that visitors may do at Henry Coe, including fishing, mountain biking, horseback riding, and camping.

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Hollister Hills' Mudstone Ranch

Hollister Hills State Vehicular Recreation Area was California State Parks’ first SVRA. Just an hour drive south of San Jose, this park consists of over 6,800 acres and nearly 200 miles of trails in scenic terrain. The park is most well-known for its off-highway vehicle opportunites, but visitors have multiple options for experiencing the beauty of the park’s oak woodlands, rolling hills, lush canyons, and seasonal creeks. Some other common activities at the park include hiking, biking, and horseback riding. 

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A barn at Marsh Creek State Park

Marsh Creek State Park was the historic home of John Marsh, the first American to settle in Contra-Costa county. He lived there from 1837 to 1856 and his house still stands today. There are also over 3,600 acres of habitat in the park. While the park isn't currently open to the public, California State Parks and the City of Brentwood Parks and Recreation Department are participating in a joint planning process to plan the future development of the property. The park may be a good site for a group hike or guided walk.

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The Mount Diablo Summit building

Mount Diablo State Park is one of the highest points in the San Francisco Bay Area, standing at 3,849 feet at the summit. On clearer days, the panoramic views can stretch out to the Golden Gate Bridge and even the Sierras. There is a diverse range of habitats in the park, such as chapparal, grasslands, streams, and more. The park's size and wide variety of natural and historic features make if popular for many different types of recreation. Some common special events at Mount Diablo include weddings, group gatherings, and races.

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A historic building in San Juan Bautista

San Juan Bautista State Historic Park is part of a nationally recognized historic landmark adjacent to California's 15th Spanish-era mission. The park and its Plaza represent what was once the "town square" of the largest town in central California. The park includes several structures built in the 1800s. The four main historic museums are the Plaza Hotel, the Zanetta House/Plaza Hall, the Plaza Stables, and the Castro-Breen Adobe.

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Filming at Our Parks

A desk at Benicia CapitolFilming and professional photography in State Parks requires a permit. These are handled by the California Film Commission or CFC. If you’re taking personal photos or are a student (or group of students) and don’t believe your activities are considered “commercial,” but you’re using commercial equipment, you’re likely to need a permit.

Begin the application process by contacting the Park Film Coordinator at (323) 817-4106 or Once you confirm that the beach or park is available on the day(s) you require, complete and submit a permit application to the CFC at least four business days in advance of filming. When you have booked a beach or park, the park will issue a form DPR245A, and the CFC will send you an invoice for the review fee ($100/day per park or beach for simple shoots and $250/day per park or beach for complex shoots) and estimated monitor fees. 

Visit the California Film Commission webpage or contact the Permit Coordinator for Nothern and Central California State Parks for more information.

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