Getting an Annual Park Pass

The entrance kiosk at Carnegie SVRAAre you a regular visitor to California State Parks? If so, you may want to consider getting an annual pass to save money and make your park entry faster. These passes can make great gifts too! Several annual passes are available for purchase and renewal from our district's offices.

Please Note: Calling ahead is recommended for purchasing or renewing annual State Parks Passes. 

We sell the California Explorer, Golden Poppy, Limited Use Golden Bear, and Disabled Discount passes. Check the California State Parks Passes page for a comprehensive list of all the State Parks Passes. We accept payment for pass sales and renewals in cash, credit card, or check. Day Use Passes are not sold at the District Office, but they are usually offered at the kiosk or pay stations of the park you are visiting.

For more information on State Parks Passes, please contact the Diablo Range District Front Office at (925) 447-0426 or visit the California State Parks Passes webpage.

Full Price Annual Passes

Two full price annual passes are available at our offices, the California Explorer Annual Day Use Pass ($195.00) and the Golden Poppy Annual Day Use Pass ($125.00). These passes are also available at select park units. It is reccommended to call a location ahead of time to check the availability and stock of these two passes.

A California Explorer Pass
A Golden Poppy Pass


Discount Annual Passes

Our district and sector offices also sell two discount annual passes, the Disabled Discount Pass ($3.50) and the Limited Use Golden Bear Pass ($20.00). Please make sure to review the Disabled Discount Pass requirements or the Limited Use Golden Bear Pass requirements to make sure you qualify and have all the certification documents before coming in to recieve your pass.

A Disabled Discount Pass
A Limited Use Golden Bear Pass


The Historian Passport, OHV Vehicle Day Use Annual Pass, and Oversized Vehicle Pass are other standard annual passes that may be used at our parks, but are not currently sold from our district. 

The Golden Bear PassDistinguished Veteran Pass, and Adventure Pass are three discount passes which are not currently available at our offices. These passes are only available through the online application process (fastest), by mail, or at select pass sales locations.

The California State Library Parks Pass may be available at your local library and is accepted at several participating locations in the Diablo Range District.