Your Funds at Work!

The Diablo Range District has many ongoing projects to improve our state parks. See where tax dollars and donations are going to by looking through the current projects for each park. 

Alameda-Tesla | Benicia | Brannan Island | Carnegie | Delta Meadows | Fremont Peak | Henry Coe | Hollister Hills | Marsh Creek | Mount Diablo | San Juan Bautista


Alameda-Tesla Property

The Alameda-Tesla Property in spring

General Plan For Alameda-Tesla Property

The Alameda-Tesla Property includes 3,100 acres next to Carnegie State Vehicular Recreation Area. California State Parks is working on incorporating the property into the park system. This two-phase process is expected to take three to five years to complete.


Benicia Capitol SHP

The Benicia Capitol Building

Benicia Capitol Roof

The district is working on repairing the roof of the historic Benicia Capitol building


Brannan Island SRA

Brannan Island Facilities

State Parks has received Waterway Connections Initiative funding to invest in new and improved facilities at Brannan Island SRA, including restoring the parking lots, installing new fencing, removing invasive vegetation, upgrading the restroom facilities, and improving non-motorized water access. These projects, and more, will be implemented over the next three years. Come visit us to see how these projects are progressing!

A bench on the water at Brannan Island


Carnegie SVRA

Carnegie General Plan

The purpose of Carnegie SVRA is to provide effectively managed, responsible off-highway vehicle and related recreational opportunities while protecting and interpreting the SVRA’s valued cultural and natural resources. The purpose of a park’s general plan is to direct the long-range development and management of the park.

Visit the Carnegie SVRA Preliminary General Plan Update webpage for updates.

You can also sign up for email announcements.

Two riders at Carnegie SVRA


Delta Meadows Park Property

A trail at Delta Meadows

Delta Meadows Repairs

State Parks has received Waterway Connections Initiative funding to invest in basic health, safety, and maintenance repairs at our Delta Meadows property, including restoring the gravel parking lot, installing fencing and gates, managing invasive vegetation, installing a chemical toilet, providing regular trash pick-up services, and putting out new picnic tables and benches. These updates will take place over the next few years, aligning with the launch of the classification and general plan process for this unit. We look forward to partnering with the Delta community, stakeholders, and the general public in creating a vision for the long-term use and management of this property through the classification and general plan. Check back in Summer 2024 for a project webpage and more ways to get involved.


Fremont Peak SP

Fremont Peak Safety Upgrades

Fremont Peak is undergoing several projects to reduce fuel loads for wildfire safety and bring back natural prescribed fire to the landscape. The park maintenance shop is also undergoing a roof replacement.

Wood chipping at Fremont Peak


Henry Coe SP


Gilroy Hot Springs

Gilroy Hot springs is continuing to work on the historic building in place, one example is the new roof that was installed on the Montana cabin. We are currently working on a project to paint the Texas Cabin at the Gilroy Hot Springs to paint it with its original colors.

DPR staff repairing the roof of the Montana Cabin

The restored corral at Henry W Coe SP

Coe Headquarters Upgrades

The historic cattle chute has been full replaced by a skillful group of staff and volunteers. The Ranch house is also being renovated so that its safe and usable as a bunkhouse and a flexible multi-use building.


Hollister Hills SVRA

Electric Dirt Bike Charger

Hollister Hills has installed an electric dirt bike charger that is available for visitors to use free of charge for those early adopters.

The electric dirtbike charger at Hollister Hills SVRA


Marsh Creek SP

John Marsh Home

A major project for this park is the restoration of the historic John Marsh Home, which is currently getting its roof repaired. Learn more about it from the John Marsh Historic Fund

A historic black and white photo of the John Marsh House


Mount Diablo SP 

Bike Turnouts

Mount Diablo SP is working to build more bicycle turnouts in additon to the existing 48 along the park's roads. These turnouts save lives by allowing motorists to safely pass bicyclists around blind curves.

See the plans for the project on the Exisiting and Future Bicycle Turnout Map.

A bike turnout at the park


The planned education center at Mitchell Canyon

Mitchell Canyon Education Center

We are working with our Mount Diablo partners to raise funds and build an education center at Mitchell Canyon. Learn more about the project and how you can support it on the Mount Diablo Interpretive Association's website.


Prescribed Fire at Mount Diablo

In 2024 California State Parks is bringing prescribed fire back to Mount Diablo SP. These burn treatments are carefully planned and aim to help enhance grassland habitats by managing invasive species, reducing wildfire risk, reducing encroaching woody vegetation, promoting native plant diversity, and improving wildlife habitat.

A burn plot at Mount Diablo


San Juan Bautista SHP

SJB Interpretive Management Plan

Our department is working to develop an Interpretive Plan and Sign Plan for interpretive signage throughout San Juan Bautista SHP. Under the plan, we are designing and fabricating signs for both the exterior and interior of the park.

The Plaza Hotel at San Juan Bautista SHP


Tree removal at San Juan Bautista SHP

New Ramada

San Juan Bautista is working on a project to expand its outdoor interpretive space by clearing out space from on old dead tree and concrete so that a new Ramada space can be designed and constructed.