Construction of 22 Additional Bike Turnouts to Start June 3, at Mount Diablo State Park

Clint Elsholz, District Superintendent,
Diablo Range District, (925) 243-2001

SACRAMENTO, Calif.— California State Parks, in partnership with the California State Parks Foundation, Mount Diablo Cyclists, and community donors, will start construction on Monday, June 3, on 22 new bike turnouts at Mount Diablo State Park (SP). Once completed, these 22 new turnouts will bring the total turnouts in the park to 67. Turnouts allow bicyclists, who move at slower speeds as they pedal uphill, to pull out of the main traffic lane into their own lane so that vehicles can pass safely.

“State Parks is very excited to implement these critical safety measures with our partners,” said Diablo Range District Superintendent Clint Elsholz. “Each turnout can provide our visitors with a safer and more enjoyable park experience.”

Project construction is expected to be completed by fall 2024. Here is what the public can expect during construction:

  • The three park roads receiving new turnouts (South Gate Road, Summit Road and North Gate Road) will be closed on weekdays, from 8 a.m. on Monday through 2 p.m. on Friday. The park will be fully open on the weekends during the project.
  • This work will be done in three phases, with the first phase beginning on June 3, on South Gate Road. Southgate Road will remain closed on weekdays for approximately five weeks until the project moves to Summit Road and then to North Gate Road.
  • Vehicles, bicyclists, equestrians, and hikers will be prohibited on the closed roads until the project is completed.
  • Camping will only be allowed on Friday and Saturday nights in campgrounds along closed roads.
  • All trails and fire roads will remain open throughout the project.

At the completion of this important road safety project, California State Parks and its partners will plan a celebration event to commemorate these safety improvements and recognize contributors to the project. Road closures updates and celebration event information will be provided at

Public safety at this popular destination remains a priority for State Parks. Over the past few years, several safety enhancements have been implemented, such as double yellow line striping on the roads, designating passing areas, repaving portions of the road, improving safety signage, and installing designated bike turnouts. To date, State Parks has installed 45 bike turnouts at Mount Diablo SP. Along South Gate Road, there are a total of 17 turnouts, 16 along North Gate Road, and 12 along Summit Road.

Visitors to Mount Diablo SP are encouraged to share the road. Here are some tips to keep your visit safe and enjoyable: 

All Users 

  • Check the weather, bring water, and wear layers.
  • Don’t forget sunscreen.
  • Obey park rules.
  • Park in designated areas.
  • Tell someone where you are going and when you plan on returning.
  • Help us keep animals wild by viewing them from a safe distance. Do not touch or feed them.

Drivers and Cyclists

  • Observe posted speed limits.
  • Stay in your lane on blind curves and do not cut corners.
  • Do not pass on double yellow lines and until you have a clear view of oncoming traffic, and it is safe to do so.
  • Wearing headphones that cover both ears is illegal. Wear only one headphone if you must. 


  • Use the “buddy system” – hike with a friend or family member.
  • Drink and carry plenty of water (a minimum of 1 quart every 2 hours).
  • Wear sturdy, comfortable, closed-toe shoes to help prevent injury.
  • Stay within designated trails. Do not walk off-trail or enter closed areas.

Equestrian Riders

  • Check the weather, bring water, and know where to find water. Bring snacks for you and your horse.
  • Know your level. Trails can be beginner, intermediate, and advanced.
  • Groom and condition your horse before leaving the barn.
  • Bring your own first aid kit and cell phone. Attach it to your body, not your horse or saddle.
  • Ride with a buddy.
  • Wear a helmet and protective clothing.
  • Carry a compass and a trail map.
  • Although the rule is that cyclists and hikers yield to horses, be prepared for that not to happen.
  • If your horse kicks, tie something red in its tail.
  • Make sure to leave enough distance between horses. You should be able to see the hooves of the horse in front of you. 

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Examples of newly installed bicycle turnouts at Mount Diablo State Park.

Examples of newly installed bicycle turnouts at Mount Diablo State Park.

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