Welcome to the booking page for school programs at Monterey State Historic Park. Below you will find information and sign up links for the 4th Grade Mexican-California Hands-on Program and the Alta California Industry Field Trip. For assistance, special requests, or more information please contact Aaron Gilmartin at MSHPschools@parks.ca.gov or 831-676-7361


Mexican-California Hands-on 4th Grade Program

3 hours 45 minutes @ $300.00

This hands-on field trip will take 4th grade students back to 1840s Monterey; an era when California was a territory of Mexico and Monterey was the capitol city of Alta California. The program begins at 9:30 at the Pacific House Museum. Students will rotate through six hands-on historical activities; rope making, leather working, tortilla cooking, map making, nature journaling and games. After a 30 minute lunch break, students will visit the Monterey Custom House, California's oldest government building. After a skit, scavenger hunt, and gift shop time, the program concludes around 1:15. This program is designed for one class per day. If you have multiple fourth grade classes, please book multiple programs.

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Alta California Industry Field Trip (Grades 1-6)

1 hour 30 minutes @ $100.00

This 90 minute field trip is open to grades 1-6. Students will learn about early Alta California industries such as construction methods, candle making, maritime shipping, and cattle ranching. Students will meet at the Pacific House Museum at 9:30. Half of the program will take place in the Pacific House Museum. The other half will take students to the Custom House, California's oldest government building and State Historic Landmark #1. At the Pacific House students will help make an adobe brick and make their own beeswax candle. At the Custom House students will learn about the hide trade and try their hand at lassoing. Two classes may visit at a time, however the $100 fee is per class not per visit.

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Bus scholarships are available for Title I schools on a first come first served basis courtesy of the Monterey State Historic Park Association. Application information will be sent out after a program is booked.