Weddings and Receptions

Monterey State Historic Park has six gardens that offer privacy for special events such as weddings and receptions.  In addition, the Custom House Plaza, which overlooks the bay, is suitable for large receptions as well as cultural and family-oriented events.  The plaza has a capacity of approximately 1,000 people. 


Memory Garden

Located at 20 Custom House Plaza in Monterey, the Memory Garden is a wonderful venue for private and community functions such as weddings, receptions /pages/575/images/Memory Garden (Pacific House).JPGand banquets. The garden was designed by Frederick Law Olmstead, Jr. in 1927.  It is enclosed by an eight-foot adobe wall and has three access gates, two of which are wheelchair accessible.  The Monterey State Historic Park office and the historic Pacific House Museum are part of the Memory Garden enclosure.  A 15-foot diameter fountain is the central feature (photo at right) and Southern Magnolia trees provide shade.  The venue includes a historic flower garden, an arbor, and a 5 x 16 foot barbecue that can be used for cooking.  

Capacity: 500 guest maximum; 250 with tables, chairs, heaters and props
Use Periods: Daylight and evening hours year round, music until 9 p.m.
Electrical: Yes, outlets and lighting
Restrooms: A single, accessible, unisex restroom is in the garden with additional restrooms located a short distance away
Parking: State Parks does not provide parking. There is a parking garage nearby.

Memory Garden Saturday, Sunday & holiday rate:
Eight (8) hours: $3,000
Ten (10) hours: $3,600

Memory Garden Friday rate:
Eight (8) hours: $2,500
Ten (10) hours: $2,950

Memory Garden Monday through Thursday rate:
Five (5) hours: $1,500
Eight (8) hours: $2,000
Ten (10) hours: $2,500

Please note: In addition to the above rates there is a $150 processing fee and a refundable $1000 deposit.

Stevenson Garden

*Please note that the Stevenson Garden and other smaller gardens listed below are only available for small, expedited weddings.*

This garden, located behind the historic Stevenson House at 530 Houston Street in Monterey, is enclosed by an adobe wall and has three gates, two of which are wheelchair accessible.  The garden includes pathways and benches as well as a small gathering space adjacent to the historic two-story adobe building which is named for the author Robert Louis Stevenson.  The building, which has seen many uses, was a boarding house when Stevenson stayed here for a few months in the autumn of 1879 while courting his future wife, Fanny Osbourne.

Capacity: 75 guests
Use Periods: Daylight hours year round
Electrical: Limited
Restroom: A single, unisex restroom is located in the garden
Parking: State Parks does not provide parking.  There is limited street parking nearby and a parking garage two blocks away.

Stevenson Garden rate:
Four (4) hours(Maximum): $500

Please note: In addition to the above rates there is a $150 processing fee and a refundable $500 deposit.

Small Gardens

*Small gardens are only avialable for small, expedited weddings.*

First Theatre GardenLocated at the corner of Pacific and Scott streets 
Casa Soberanes Garden – Located at the corner of Pacific and Del Monte
Larkin Garden – Located at 510 Calle Principal at the intersection with Jefferson 
Casa del Oro Garden – Located at the corner of Pacific and Scott streets across from First Theatre (this garden is not enclosed)

Except as noted above, these gardens are enclosed and located behind the historic adobes.

Capacity: 50 people
Use periods: Daylight hours year round
Electrical: Some electrical outlets
Restrooms: Available only at Casa del Oro and First Theatre
Parking: State Parks does not provide parking
Wheelchair accessible: Casa del Oro and Larkin

Small Garden rate:
Same as Stevenson Garden (see above).

Casa Del Oro Garden
Casa del Oro Garden
First Theatre Garden
First Theater Garden
Casa Soberanes Garden
Casa Soberanes Garden
Larkin Garden
Larkin House Garden


Reservations may be made up to two years in advance of the event date. Once requested, a date will be tentatively held for 14 calendar days, and a non-refundable processing fee and refundable security deposit will be due within 14 days in order to officially hold the date.  If the processing fee and security deposit are not received within 14 days, the event will be removed from the calendar.  Once the processing fee is paid, State Parks will request additional materials in order to complete the special event permit.  The requested date is not reserved until all paperwork has been received and a special event permit has been signed by the Sector Superintendent.

Proof of liability insurance and compliance with California State Parks' terms and conditions is required for all events.

For more information, or to request a special event application, please contact the Special Events office at (831) 649-7118 or via e-mail: