Los Exploradores de Monterey Summer Day Camp (Los NiƱos)

Los Exploradores de Monterey Summer Day Camp 2022

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 logoCalifornia State Parks is offering “Los Exploradores de Monterey Summer Day Camp” (Los Niños) at Monterey State Historic Park, a two-week day camp for students  grades 3-5,  located in the heart of Monterey. This unique summer program will have day campers exploring the rich cultural history and the natural areas throughout Monterey State Historic Park and beyond. Campers will experience Monterey’s historical buildings and colorful gardens through hands-on activities such as: period games and play, toys, crafts, food, songs, dances, nature observation and interactive guided tours. Sponsored by Monterey State Historic Park Association and led by California State Park Staff, this fun program highlights the many cultures of one of California’s most historic towns while day campers engage in some of the fun attractions of Monterey that exist today, such as a whale watching trip!


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Los Exploradores de Monterey Summer Day Camp Calendar:

Session 1: June 6-June 17, 2022

Session 2: July 18-July 29, 2022 


LOCATION---sites throughout Monterey State Historic Park, downtown Monterey

COST—$400.00 per 2 week session

LUNCH and SNACKS---Campers will bring their own healthy lunch, snack and water bottle each day.  

TUITION ASSISTANCE--The Los Exploradores de Monterey Summer Day Camp Program offers tuition assistance for financially challenged students.  Please click on link to the right.

SIGN-UP--click on link to right to sign-up

QUESTIONS-Please email Richard Fletcher at richard.fletcher@parks.ca.gov if you have any questions. 

2022 COVID GUIDELINES-This guidance is subject to change and we are expecting an update. Your child's health is important to us and all state covid guidelines will be followed. Participants & their parents will be required to notify Park staff of any exposures or symptoms of COVID-19.

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