RIREFunds were allocated based on population to local agencies that obtained voter approval between November 1, 2012, through November 30, 2018, for revenue enhancements to improve and enhance local or regional park infrastructure.

Recreational Infrastructure Revenue Enhancement (RIRE) Program: $37,000,000
Eligible Projects

Funds must be spent on projects to improve or enhance local or regional park infrastructure for the purposes of the revenue enhancement measure.


RIRE Allocation Rollout and Grant Performance Period – July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2028

When a RIRE recipient receives an allocation letter, applicants must contact their Grant Administration Project Officer and complete a brief one-on-one RIRE Guide Administrative Workshop before submitting a complete application package to the Office of Grants and Local Services (OGALS).  After completing the Administrative Workshop, the grantee submits an authorizing resolution to accept RIRE funds and approves the filing of all applications associated with the grant contract.  A grantee then puts forward a complete project application(s) for their allocation amount.  This allows OGALS to execute a contract and the grantee to submit reimbursement payment requests for their approved projects.


Authorizing Resolution and Project Applications - Deadline: March 30, 2025

Sign and return RIRE Grant Contract to OGALS - Deadline: March 31, 2025

Identify project(s) for funding, see procedural guide for project eligibility

Complete RIRE Projects - Deadline: December 31, 2027

Grantee submits Project Completion Packet - Deadline: March 31, 2028

Application Forms

RIRE Program Application Packet Checklist

RIRE Program Resolution (.docx)

RIRE Program Project Application Form

RIRE Program Development Project Scope/Cost Estimate Form

RIRE Funding Sources Form

RIRE Land Tenure Checklist

CEQA Compliance Certification  

Grant Payment Forms

     All Payment Forms Combined , includes these individual forms:

Provide a sample timesheet if seeking reimbursement for in-house employee services.

Project Completion Certification Form (Final payment only)

Funding Sources Form (Final payment only, if sources/amounts change from original submission)