Contacts are organized by County for “Competitive Programs,” and “Non-Competitive,” Programs and "National Park Service" Programs.

To request a new grant through a competitive grant program, please contact the "Competitive Review Project Officer" based on the proposed project’s county.

If you are a “grantee” with an awarded grant project, or requesting Per Capita or RIRE Funding, please contact the "Grant Administration Project Officer" based on the project’s county.

For all questions related to Land and Water Conservation Fund or Outdoor Recreation Legacy Partnership programs (pre-award and/or post-award), please contact the “National Park Service Grants Project Officer” based on the project’s county.


Project Officers by County


List of Staff by Office Structure


Alphabetical List of Staff



California Department of Parks and Recreation
Office of Grants & Local Services
P.O. Box 942896 Sacramento, CA  94296-0001




Office of Grants and Local Services (OGALS)
main telephone number:

TEL   (916) 653-7423

Sedrick V. Mitchell
Deputy Director, Community Engagement
(916) 653-8380


Richard Rendón - Office Chief
(916) 651-8597

Barbara Baker- Manager
Grant Administration Section
(916) 902-8756

Viktor Patiño - Manager
Competitive Grant Section
(916) 825-5697


Natalie Bee - Manager
Policy and Operations
(916) 860-4969