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Twin Lakes Junior Lifeguards:
Twin Lakes JG's Session 1, 6/14-6/25, 2021
Twin Lakes JG's Session 2, 6/28-7/9, 2021
Twin Lakes JG's Session 3, 7/12-7/23, 2021
Twin Lakes JG's Session 4, 7/26-8/6, 2021

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Program Information

Hours of Operation: 9am-1pm Monday - Friday

2021 Dates:
Session 1June 14 - June 25
Session 2June 28 - July 9 (*no JG's on July 5)
Session 3: July 12 - July 23
Session 4: July 26 - August 6

9-15 years of age

Session Cost: $270.00 

Location: Blacks Beach-at the end of 14th Ave. in Live Oak

The aim of our program is to provide a safe place where participants can be instructed in a variety of skills pertaining to the lifeguarding profession and the aquatic environment. Instructors will introduce participants to basic CPR skills, First Aid, rescue techniques, and lifeguarding procedures. We also include an interpretive component that provides information about the ocean habitats and local ecosystems.

Unique to Twin Lakes:

  • Smaller beach with dynamic beach and ocean conditions
  • Larger surf and more experience with rip currents