Tryout Information

If you are a new Junior Lifeguard participant, (i.e. have never participated in a State Junior Lifeguard Program before (Capitola and SC city do not count), you are REQUIRED to attend a tryout. Tryouts are non-competitive and are used to ensure a minimum ability in the water. You MUST register or be on the waitlist PRIOR to the tryout!!!

Uniform items can be purchased during both tryout dates. Click here for more information on Junior Lifeguard Uniforms.

A continuous 100 yard freestyle swim (4 pool lengths)
A 10 yard underwater swim
 Treading water for 3 minutes

SWIM TEST REQUIREMENTS: Age 6-8 years (Rio Del Mar ONLY)
A continuous 50 yard freestyle swim (2 pool lengths)
A 5 yard underwater swim
Treading water for 3 minutes

During the swim we expect your child to perform freestyle stoke without holding on to the sides of the pool.
We will not accept breast stroke or "Doggy-Paddling"

*Date and/or location subject to change without advance notice due to unsafe weather or conditions. 

Tryout Location:

Simpkins Family Swim Center
979 17th Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95062
Click here for a map
*please park in the back of the parking lot for the tryouts as this is closer to the pool/tryout location