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*Prior to registration, you must create an account on ReserveCalifornia and list the JG's you wish to enroll, as dependents on your account. Reserve California

Registration Links:

 Rio Del Mar Session 1 C, B, A

 Rio Del Mar Session 1 Little Guards

 Rio Del Mar Session 2 C, B, A

 Rio Del Mar Session 2 Little Guards

 Twin Lakes Session 1

 Twin Lakes Session 2

Manresa Session 2

*WAITLIST: Once Sessions become full, you will be able to sign up your JG for the waitlist via*


Enrollment Questions

To better assist you in preparation for registration, the following questions will be asked of you when enrolling:

  1. Are you a past JG program participant? (Yes/No) (If no, you will need to complete a swim test on either May7th or June 4th)
  2. Parent/Guardian Name
  3. Parent/Guardian Phone Number
  4. Parent/Guardian Name
  5. Parent/Guardian Phone Number
  6. Secondary E-mail Address
  7. Emergency Contact Name (must be different than Parent/Guardian listed above)
  8. Emergency Contact Relationship
  9. Emergency Contact Phone Number
  10. I certify my child is physically fit and can meet the rigorous physical requirements of the Junior Lifeguard Program (Yes/No)
  11. Please provide the participant’s Physician or HMO Information
  12. Please list the participant’s allergies to food or drugs
  13. Please list the participant's special medications and any pertinent information or special instructions
  14. Is the participant’s Tetanus Diphtheria Booster current? (Yes/No)
  15. Which tryout date will you be attending or are you a past participant?

Program Fees*:

Fee per session: $475
There are no discounts for siblings.
Cost Includes: Uniform long sleeved t-shirt.
*Registration prices are subject to change

The Santa Cruz State Junior Lifeguard Program accepts Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit or debit cards only for registration. Uniforms can be purchased via a personal check made out to "California State Parks" or by credit card (Visa, MasterCard and Discover are accepted for uniform sales).

Tuition assistance is available upon request and must be submitted by the application deadline (go to 2023 Tuition assistance). 

If you are interested in making a donation please contact us at (831) 212-7223.


Returning Participants:

For returning families, click on the online registration link and you’ll be taken to ReserveCalifornia where you’ll be able to register for your chosen session. Returning particpants do NOT have to complete the swim test.

New Participants:

To enroll, Junior Lifeguards must:

1. Register for the program online prior to attending the tryout! Please make sure you are signing up for the correct session category (beach, session, and age group). We will not be held responsible for registration errors!

2. Once you are registered for the JG program, if you have not participated in a State JG prgram you must attend a tryout.

3. Complete the tryout. Applicants ages 9-15 must be able to swim freestyle stroke 100 yds continuously, swim 10 yds under water and tread water for 3 minutes. Applicants ages 6-8 must be able to swim freestyle stroke 50 yds continuously, swim 10 yds under water, and tread water for 3 minutes.Please make sure your child has these skills before signing them up. If your child does not pass the test, we will issue a full refund minus any processing fees. 

Tryout Information:
The Junior Lifeguard Program is not a “learn to swim” school. Therefore, prospective junior guards are screened at a tryout to see if they have the minimum skills needed to safely participate in and benefit from the Junior Lifeguard Program. The instructors approve a child's skill level based upon successful completion of the test as well as the child's swimming competence and confidence. We reserve the right to refuse admittance if it is felt a student will adversely affect the safety and welfare of themselves and/or others in the program. All new students must successfully complete the testing process to be eligible for the program (NO EXCEPTIONS).


Tryout Registration Links

*Links will be avaliable on April 1st



Uniform sales will be held at the tryouts for new participants and available for returning participants on pre-designated dates. Please refer to information provided by the JG Coordinator after you are registered. 
Uniform items can be paid with a CHECK or by VISA, MASTERCARD OR DISCOVER credit cards (checks made out to: California State Parks)

Click To View Junior Lifeguard Uniform Information