Registration & Fees

How to Register!

Login, Create New Account and Setting Up Your Dependents on

Review these instructions to help you with the process;

Step 1: Login or create your NEW account by selecting the “LOGIN” or "CREATE ACCOUNT" button on the top menu.

Step 2: Once you are logged in, navigate to “YOUR ACCOUNT” on the top menu. A drop down will display. Select “YOUR DEPENDENTS”.

Step 3: A page titled “Persons” should appear. There will be a button that says “Add Person”. Click on this button to launch the “Add New Person” page.

Step 4: On the “Add New Person” page. Populate the following fields with information about the dependent you are setting up:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Birthdate This is necessary for to validate that your dependent meets the age requirements for enrollment
  • Relationship- Use drop down to select “Child”

Step 5: Once you are done entering the above information, select “Add Dependent” and you will then be brought to the previous page and your new dependent should be listed. You can continue to add dependents to your account or proceed to enrolling your dependent(s) in a Junior Lifeguard program. 

More detailed inforamtion available here

Scholarship Information

The purpose of our Scholarship Program is to give households that are challenged by our tuition fees the opportunity to participate in the Junior Lifeguard Program. To apply for a scholarship, please read and complete the application below. Mail or scan and email the completed application to the below address by the deadline. The deadline is March 31st, 2024. The sooner we receive your application, the better. 




  • 2024 Free or reduced tuition application-- due March 26th, 2023

    IMPORTANT NOTES:  PLEASE WRITE YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS ON YOUR APPLICATION!!! Please also note which beach and session you are applying for. 

We have a limited amount of scholarships available each year. Granting of the scholarships depends on many factors, including (but not limited to): the completion of the enclosed application and meeting its guidelines, the number of applications received, and the amount of available funds for scholarships.  All the information supplied is completely confidential.  Please include any special circumstances that will help in determining eligibility.  You will be notified by t.b.d if you have/have not been awarded the scholarship. There will be a deadline and instructions for how to redeem your scholarship. 

*Assistance is only available for one session per program year per student. Further, priority consideration will be given to new applicants. 

*If you or your business has means to make a donation to the SCHOLARSHIP FUND, please call or email the Junior Lifeguard Office at 831-212-7223.