Position Description

This paid, non-lifeguard, mentorship position will work under close leadership of the Seasonal Lifeguard II at their reporting beach location, and an assigned Seasonal Lifeguard I-Junior Lifeguard Program Instructor for the Junior Lifeguard Program. The incumbents will work with Lifeguard Staff and other Park Personnel in order to develop job skills, proper work habits, and leadership qualities through work experience. They will also become role models for program participants, while they themselves gain training and experience in leadership, teamwork, aquatic safety skills, and first aid. This is a great opportunity for those interested in becoming a future lifeguard!

Click here to view the Junior Lifeguard Youth Aide Duty Statement

Compensation is $17.21/hr



  • Minimum age is 15 years, max 16 years at time of appointment, May 25, 2024.
  • Currently enrolled in an accredited high school or equivalent educational program.
  • Willingness to work all necessary weekdays during the Junior Lifeguard Program operating hours.


  • Physical strength and endurance necessary to complete the following:
    • Competitive 500 yard ocean swim. (time limit: 10 minutes or less)
    • Competitive 100 yard run, 200 yard swim, 100 yard run. (time limit: 5 minutes or less)
    • Professional Interview Process.
  • Completion of the Junior Lifeguard Youth Aide training program on June 8th*, 2024.

Desirable Qualities

  1. The ability to get along well with others and work within a work-group of highly motivated professionals.
  2. Willingness to follow directions and perform a variety of manual, instructional, or clerical tasks.
  3. A desire to develop job skills, proper work habits, and leadership qualities related to Lifeguard and other Park employment.

The Tryout

The tryout will consist of a 500 yard open ocean swim with a maximum time limit of 10 minutes. Candidates who complete the swim in the allotted time will qualify for the Run-Swim-Run portion of the tryout which will consist of a 200 yard run- 200 yard swim.

Qualified candidates are invited to an interview, held on the same day or the Sunday following the tryout, depending upon availability. 

Tryout Date:
May 4th 8:00AM @ Twin Lakes- Blacks Beach (East Cliff Drive & end of 14th Avenue). Interviews will follow.

Tryout Waivers:

A parent or guardian must be present at the tryout to complete tryout waiver. Waivers will be handed out on the beach prior to swim or waivers can be downloaded with this link, filled out and printed to be brought to the tryout. 

*Date and/or location subject to change without notice due to weather or conditions

What To Bring to the Tryout:

11Parent or Legal Guardian
Clothes/ towel to keep warm
School Identification, California Identification Card, or California Drivers License

Fins will not be allowed