Junior Lifeguards Uniforms


All Junior Lifeguard Program participants must wear the required uniform for camaraderie and safety. The uniforms allow the instructors to safely monitor the children and distinguish them from non-Junior Lifeguard participants.

When/Where Can I Purchase JG Uniform items?

JG Tryouts @ Simpkins Family Swim Center (look for our uniform trailer)
t.b.d and t.b.d
11:00 am to 2:00 pm

Lifeguard Headquarters
t.b.d and t.b.d
9:00 am to 3:00 pm

These will be the only opportunities to purchase uniforms!!

*Payable by PERSONAL CHECK, VISA, MASTER CARD OR DISCOVER CREDIT CARD. Checks can be made out to "California State Parks".

Whats Required:  
Red long sleeve T-shirt with the Junior Lifeguard logo (included in tuition fees)
Solid, navy blue swimsuit 
Sandles (any type)


JG Backpack
Navy blue sweatpants,
Long/short sleeve rashguards (navy)
Red JG sweatshirts
Wetsuit (highly recommended)

Please Mark ALL ITEMS with first and last name with permanent marker!!!

Bathing Suits

Girls can wear either a one-piece or two-piece navy blue swimsuit. 
Boys can wear any navy blue swim trunks or jammers as a part of their uniform. (No patterns or designs)

We do not sell bathing suits. They can be bought at one of the local sports stores.

Uniform Prices:

Extra Uniform shirt                 $15uniform items
Hood Sweatshirt                     $25
Long Sleeve Rashguard           $15
Youth Sweat pants                 $15
Adult Sweatpants                   $20
JG hats (Ball cap/sun hat)      $10
JG Backpack                          $40 (backpacks must be paid by check and made payable to "SCSLA")

For your benefit, we offer these high quality items at or near wholesale price. Tax is included in the price, and all proceeds go directly back into the Junior Lifeguard program.

*Payable by personal check, Visa, Mastercard or Discover credit cards. Checks can be made out to "California State Parks".

Uniform Items will ONLY be sold during tryouts (please see Tryout page for dates, times and location), and at Lifeguard Headquarters (665 14th Avenue), the Saturday PRIOR to the start of each session ONLY from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm*