Virtual Programs and In-Person Field Trips Available

We are thrilled to offer an array in person and virtual educational opportunities that connect students to Humboldt Lagoons State Park. Appointments are available on a first come, first served basis and slots will fill up quickly. Sign up today!

Connect to the coast - Spring 2024 FlyerTo book a virtual K-12th PORTS program and to learn more about our program offerings visit the the California State Parks PORTS Program website. To inquire about/ reserve an In-person field trip please submit a Chah-pekw ‘O-ket’-oh Humboldt Lagoons State Park School Group Reservation Request form at least 15 days in advance. All PORTS and in-person guided field trips are on a first come first serve basis.

*Please note this Spring ALL regular in-person field trips will be Connect to the Coast Field Trips. 

Virtual K-12 Programing: PORTS On-Demand and PassPORTS Available!

Humboldt Lagoons (Chah-pekw Hee-koh ) State Park offers virtual and in-person educational programs through the PORTS (Parks Online Resources for Teachers and Students) Program!

Sign-up for a PORTS Program with Humboldt Lagoons State Park.

  • Appointments for the Fall/ Spring education season are available on a first come, first served basis.

  • Spring enrollment for California teachers begins in early January. Sign up today!

Transportation Reimbursement? You may be eligible for transportation reimbursement for your in-person visit if you participate in the PassPORTS Blended-Access Program, which combines virtual and in-person programming. Learn more by exploring the PassPORTS website or visit the Humboldt County Office of Education webpage. Teachers can visit the Humboldt Lagoons State Park PORTS a webpage to explore additional resources.

In-Person Programming: School Group Reservation Requests

In-advance reservations are REQUIRED to visit the park and must be requested at least 15 days before the proposed visit date to allow preparation and scheduling by park personnel.

Paddeling in kayaksTeachers interested in scheduling a school group visit at Chah-pekw ‘O-ket’-oh Humboldt Lagoons State Park can submit a reservation request for either an In-Person Guided-Tour or a Self-Guided Field Trip:

  • In-Person Guided Tours: are facilitated by a California State Park Interpreter who will be present to welcome students, support teachers, and facilitate educational activities in the park. In-person Guided Tours are a maximum of one hour long and are only available on Thursdays from 10:00am to 3:00pm PDT. In addition to the Guided Tour, schools/group visits can have lunch (on the picnic tables) outside the visitor center and/or visiting other Humboldt Lagoons (i.e. North Side of Stone Lagoon, Dry Lagoon, Freshwater Lagoon)!Limited Availability due to Connect to Coast Field Trips ( see below)

  • In-Person “Connect to the Coast” Field Trips: Thanks to generous funding through the California Coastal Conservancy, we are offering special field trips in Spring of 2024. These field trips are facilitated by California State Park (CDRP) Interpreters, CDPR Life Guards, and the Yurok Tribe Cultural Resources Department Interpretation Coordinator. Programs include activities in the park such as visitor center guided tours, cultural-educational programs, aquatic safety training and aquatic recreational activities (i.e. kayaking, paddling). These In-person Guided Tours are a maximum of 4 hours and are only available on Thursdays from 10:00am to 2:00pm PDT from March 2024 to May 2024. Students will take a tour of the Chaw-pekw O' Ket visitor center and partake in a cultural craft or activity before having lunch and then setting off for an aquatic safety lesson and fun water activity to follow!

  • Self-Guided Field Trips: are facilitated independently by K-12th grade teachers and educators, college professors and faculty, chaperones, and/or youth program leaders without the support of California State Park staff. Please note: Self-Guided Field Trips are NOT available on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 9AM - 1PM PST, due to ongoing programming in the park.

Educators can make reservations online through the Chah-pekw ‘O-ket’-oh Humboldt Lagoons State Park School Group Reservation Request form or by submitting a School Group Reservation Request form (DPR 124) in-person or by mail to the Chah-pekw Hee-koh Visitor Center at 15336 Highway 101 Trinidad, CA 95570.

Reservations are available on a first-come, first-served basis. After requests are submitted, park personnel will process and review the request and notify you on whether your request was approved or denied via email correspondence. Approved reservations serve as your record of the reservation and your group's admission to the park.

Please review the Rules and Regulations for School Group Reservations for Humboldt Lagoons (Chah-pekw Hee-koh ) State Park to inform your School Group Reservation Request.

For information about school programs, please contact