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For information on Camping Rules and Safety and Pet Safety in the Park (Yes, your pets are welcome!)

Lake Perris Campground Map: This map shows individual campsite numbers within the campground. Pictures of each site are available online. Check out the map get an idea of what site you want to reserve, and then you can make reservations online or call 1-800-444-7275 (TDD: 1-800-274-7275).

Tent / Non-hookup Camping

The Tent sites at Lake Perris are non-hook up sites, but they are some of the prettier sites in the park. These sites can accommodate tents and small travel trailers. The parking pad size varies, but they can generally fit two to three mid-size vehicles per site. Every site has a picnic table and a fire ring with a grill. There are shade trees, however it can get very hot in the summer and extra shade canopies are highly recommended. Water and restrooms with free hot showers are nearby and are designated to accommodate wheelchairs.

These sites do not have water or electrical hook-ups!

Tents: The tent sites can typically hold several medium size tents: Two 4 person tents, or four 2 person tents.

People: Each site can accommodate up to 8 people, of any age.

Vehicles: Although your site may hold 3 vehicles, your reservation only covers 1 vehicle. Extra vehicles must pay use fees on arrival. 3 license plates are allowed at each unit (for example; 2 cars and 1 boat trailer). The tent sites may not be able to accommodate three license plates if the vehicles or trailers are extra wide or extra long. All vehicles must fit on the parking pad and not hang into the road way. There is no off road or extra parking. There are no pick-ups and drop-offs. Every vehicle entering the park must pay use fees.

Length of Stay: Maximum stay is 30 nights in a calendar year. Lake Perris SRA limits the number of consecutive nights a camper can stay in peak season (June 1st through November 30th) to 15 nights. Once this consecutive night limit has been reached, the camper must vacate the campground and no one in the party may return to camp in that same park for 48 hours.

Prices and Reservations

Camping Fees Tent/Trailer Sites
(sites 1-88, 354-432)
1 car free
Senior Tent Site
(Over 62 years)
Disabled Discount
(Discount pass
required at check in)

Extra Vehicle
(3 veh. max
per site)

Includes 1-motor vehicle     $35.00 $33.00 $17.50 $10.00

Cash and Credit Card only. Checks are no longer accepted at Lake Perris SRA.

Reservations: Due to the busy summer season, reservations are highly recommended for summer weekends and summer holidays. The campsites at Lake Perris are Site Specific. This means that when you make a reservation, you are reserving a specific site number. Site changes are not likely to be available in the summer, and will not be done during holiday weekends. 


On arrival, you will pay full use fees for your watercraft for each day that the watercraft is in the park. (example: If you check in on Saturday afternoon and are checking out on Monday, you will pay boat lauch fees for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.) The boat fee is $10.00 each watercraft per day. 

Sail boats, kayaks, canoes, and other hand launch vessels do not need to pay launch fees unless they use the boat launch.

If you are going to bring watercraft, please visit our boating information page for more information on boating at Lake Perris.

Handicap Sites and Discounts

Handicap Non Hook-up Sites: Sites 2, 4, 5, 6, 368, 370, 376

These sites do not have water or electrical hook-ups!

DMV issued disabled placard or license plate is required at time of check-in to camp in Handicap Accessible sites.

Discounts:  A California State Parks Disabled Discount Pass is required to receive a discount on camping. It is the pass holder's responsibility to request the discount when making reservations. Make sure you receive your discount when your reservation is confirmed. No refund will be made on discounts not received.

The handicap discount can be applied to any campsite type.

Only the campsite occupied by the pass holder is subject to the discount. Second campsites reserved by the pass holder will be charged full price.

Upon arrival to the park you must present your reservation, a driver's license (or other suitable proof of identification), and the Disabled Discount pass. Any camper presenting a reservation without a pass will pay the difference on full price fees.