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Lake Perris State Recreation Area welcomes your pets to visit the park with you! Remember, there are wild animals at the park, and temperatures can be very high in the summer. Keep your pets safe and happy on your visit to Lake Perris State Recreation Area.

  • Keep pets on a leash (6 foot long or less), caged, or in a tent or motor home at all times.

  • Do not leave your pet unattended.

  • Do not leave animals locked in a car during the day, even with the windows cracked! Outside temperatures can be in excess of 100 degrees, and it will be even hotter in your car. Use a crate in a shady area, or a portable pet run.

  • Keep the park clean, clean up after your pets.

  • For their own safety, keep dogs off of unpaved trails.

  • Pets are not allowed on the sand (Beach areas) because the water is used for municipal drinking water.

  • Pets are not allowed on Allesandro Island or the Bernasconi Beach area.

  • Your pet may go on your boat, but can NOT have any body contact with the water at any time.

  • Camping is not for every pet. Pets in the campground must not disturb other campers. If your pet is an eccessive nuissance, you may be asked to remove your pet.

  • ADA Service animals are always welcome and are not subject to the above rules, except for body contact with the water.