Volunteer Assistant Information

To become a Volunteer Assistant:

1. Carefully read the General Info about becoming an Assistant in addition to the Assistant Duty Statement.

2. Complete the Assistant Application. including FBI/DOJ Live-Scan (A.K.A. background check) before Assistant Training begins (email refugio.guards@parks.ca.gov to set up an appointment to receive paperwork).

3. If selected, you will attend Assistant Training.  This is a competitive 2 day (June 22nd and 23rd) training where you will be tested physically and mentally.  Prior to your training, you will receive your Assistant Training Manual. YOU MUST BRING YOUR COMPLETED HIRING PACKET TO ASSISTANT TRAINING.

4. Upon selection, you will register through Reserve California. You cannot register as an Assistant until you have been hired and given a membership code.

Assistant Candidates must:

-Be at least 15 years old by July 8th of the current program year

-Have attended at least 1 session of the Refugio JG in the past

-Be in good standing (no discipline problems). 

 Serving as a Volunteer Assistant is a fantastic way to build leadership skills, develop self-confidence, and earn community service hours.

Become a State Parks Ocean Lifeguard

To become a California State Parks Seasonal Ocean Lifeguard:

1. Attend and successfully pass an ocean tryout (see Hiring Info below)
2. Pass an oral interview and be selected to attend Ocean Lifeguard Training.
3. Attend and successfully complete an intensive Ocean Lifeguard Training course held at Huntington State Beach.

*After one or more successful seasons as an Ocean Lifeguard, qualified staff can be considered for a position as a Jr. Lifeguard Instructor.