“A wonderful, positive educational experience!”

“Junior lifeguards has been such a positive experience for my daughter. She has been able to accomplish things physically that she would not have thought possible. All while having fun at the beach!”

“My child has a blast- learning new water skills and feeling safer in the water. He loved the extra push to do Power Guards. Can't wait to do it again next summer!”

“My son is so proud that he completed the Jr Guard program. Participating in the program has given him a confidence to be safe and enjoy the ocean!”

“My child really looked forward to going to the program every day. I signed him up for both sessions and was worried he would be board of it by the second session. This was not the case. He loved every day of it. Thank you!”

“I felt that the program benefited my children as they were growing up. It challenged them to strive to do their best. It also gave me peace of mind when we would go to the beach. The program teaches children to respect and enjoy the ocean while being situation-ally aware.”

“Jr. Lifeguards increased my son's confidence tremendously - we will be back!”

“For years I have tried to encourage my son to participate with me in my love of the ocean with little or no success. After the 3 week session of Jr Guards my son was swimming in the surf at Jalama with me; no effort on my part required. What a wonderful outcome!”

“Every year my kids love your program.”

“My son said " I loved it! You get to do a lot of fun stuff, and I loved learning how to surf."

“The Refugio Junior Lifeguard program is an excellent program. My son greatly enjoys the program every summer this is his 4th year participating. The program encourages physical fitness, teamwork, and teaches respect for the ocean and environment. Also, the program is affordable and offers transportation.”

“Amazing, my son loved it!”

 “My son  says "Refugio JGs is so fun. I learn a lot. And the instructors are amazing. I love going to beach everyday and I daydream about junior guards when I'm back in school. Can't wait for next summer!"

“Great. From day one guards were friendly and professional. I was confident in their ability to both teach and protect my daughter for the duration of the program.”

“Excellent program which balances education, fitness and fun.”

“The JG program allowed me to develop ocean safety skills in a safe environment. I developed confidence in the water and gained lifelong friends. I recommend this program to anyone and everyone!”