Thirty-five miles of multi-use trails wind along the coastal bluffs near the beaches, tide pools and sea caves and move up into the park’s hills and terraces to an elevation of 1,800 feet on Ben Lomond Mountain.

Recommended adventures include:

• Wilder Ridge Loop (6.3 miles) to Enchanted Loop (2 miles), which offers some of the park’s best views and redwoods.
• East Engelsmans to Wild Boar to Old Cabin (2.9 miles). At Eucalyptus (1 mile) head back down the hill to Twin Oaks (1 mile) and onto Wilder Ridge (1.5 miles) to the horse corral. A flowing ride through the trees on single-track trails.
• The descent from Empire Grade Road on the Chinquapin Trail to the Ohlone Bluff Trail by the sea (about 6 miles, depending on your route). Requires a shuttle at the other end.
• Wilder Uplands to the UCSC campus and Henry Cowell State Park. By the time you reach Graham Hill Road on the east side of Henry Cowell, you’ll have pedaled some 14 miles with an elevation change of 1,800 feet.