1. Trail camps are open May 1 through October 20 by reservation only. For reservations call (831)338-8861

  2. Trail camps are primitive. Bring your own water since Butano, Lane, Alder, Twin Redwoods, and Sunset trail camps do not have water faucets. We do not recommend consuming backcountry water, but if you choose to do so, we recommend using a filter that removes particles, bacteria, cysts, and parasites larger than 0.2 microns.

  3. Hikers must be off the trails by sunset. Please arrive early enough to reach your assigned trail camp by sunset. If you arrive after sunset, there is the possibility that you will not be permitted to go.

  4. No ground fires of any kind are allowed, except in the metal rings at Castle Rock Trail Camp during WET SEASON ONLY! Backpack stoves may be used for cooking in all trail camps except in the case of extreme fire danger.

  5. No smoking on any trail or in any trail camp

  6. Do not wash your dishes or clothing in the creeks. Do not Bathe in the creeks.

  7. Do Not Feed Wildlife. Bring an animal-proof container to store food or enough rope to hang your food from a tree branch. Jay and Sunset Trail Camps have animal proof food lockers which you must use.

  8. No bikes are allowed on the trails. Bikes are only allowed on fire roads.

  9. No dogs are allowed in the trail camps or on the trails.

  10. No horses are allowed in the trail camps.

  11. Campers must carry their Backcountry Permit at all times.

  12. Camp in designated areas only and only in your assigned trail camp.

  13. Maximum occupancy per campsite is 6 people.

  14. Campers under 18 years of age must provide written permission from, or be accompanied by a guardian.

  15. In an emergency call 911 from one of the pay phones near a ranger station or from a call box on Highway 1 or Highway 9 and a ranger will be dispatched. It is unlikely your mobile phone will have coverage in backcountry.


Failure to abide by Backcountry Regulations may result in citation.