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JG Uniforms

All Junior Lifeguards are required to wear uniforms. Junior Lifeguards must have the minimum of a t-shirt and shorts with patch every day of the program.  There is no requirement to purchase the uniform from State Parks. Uniform swimsuits, boardshorts, sweatpants, and sweatshirts are required to be plain and Navy Blue in color. Boys may wear navy blue boardshorts or jammers, girls may wear a one or two piece navy blue athletic style swimsuits. 

*Proper uniforms for all participants are essential for safety. They help our staff to be able to quickly identify program participants from the general public on the beaches.

Purchasing Uniforms:

Summer sessions:

Uniforms will be available for purchase after the parent meeting.

Beach sales will take place the first 2 days of the program from 8:30 AM to 9:00 AM. Please expect longer delays during the first day of sales as uniform sales can tend to go as late as 10:00 AM.

Uniform sales are available for purchase with card payment methods only (we do not accept American Express or Apple cards). 

All uniform items (with the exception of boardshorts) are uni-sex sizes, 100% cotton.

Uniforms included with tuition (t-shirt and rashguard) will be handed out AFTER the program begins on day 1. Parents do not need to be present for this. Uniform items included with the program will not be handed out during the uniform purchasing time under any circumstances, due to organizational processes to ensure each child receives all components of their uniform. If your child is not preset on day 1, they will receive their uniform items on their first day of the program. 

Individual Uniform Items Available:


Item Price:

T-shirt (1 included)



Rashguard (1 included)



$25 / $30



$20 / $25





$20 / $25


Junior Lifeguard Patch







Uniform Bundles Available

Bundles come with 1 of each item listed.


Bundle Price:

Santa Cruz Bundle: Sweatshirt, Sweatpants, Trucker hat, Backpack


Value Bundle: T-shirt, Boardshorts, Sweatshirt, Sweatpants, Trucker Hat, Backpack




Families often comment on difficulty finding girls athletic style navy blue swimsuits – jrguards.com or originalwatermen.com are great resources for those. 

If you choose to purchase from jrguards.com please carefully note the following: 

  • Royal blue swimsuits are not acceptable. 

  • The Folsom Lake Junior Lifeguard program does not utilize the State Bear JG logo 

  • Rashguards from jrguards.com do not have proper logo placement and are therefore not authorized for our program participants.