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 16 years or older? Become a State Lifeguard

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If you are a returning Junior Guard, that is between the ages of 13-16, you should consider trying out to become a Junior Lifeguard Assistant.  As an assistant you work under close supervision of the Junior Lifeguard Instructors and assist in the daily operations of the program.  Assistants arrive 30 minutes early to JGs and stay 30 minutes after the program concludes. Assistants help with supervision of children, encourage JGs who might be struggling and take a leadership role in our program. Additionally, assistants will work directly with the Lifeguard Staff in order to develop job skills, quality work habits and leadership ability through work experience. Assistant's also receive 100% scholarship into their specified session. The JG Assistant position is a highly competitive position and all qualified candidates are encouraged to tryout. Candidates wishing to tryout should email the coordinator, Matt Trefry, at folsomjrlifeguard@parks.ca.gov, prior to registration opening on April 30 to express interest and to let him know what tryout date he should expect to see you.


If you are trying out to be an assistant, you do not need to register for a seat in the program when registration opens. If you are selected, we will give you instructions to register as an assistant. If you are not selected and have emailed Lifeguard Trefry prior to registration opening, we have seats reserved and can get you registered in a session of your choice as the candidate selection process is competitive. If you do not contact Lifeguard Trefry prior to registration opening, and you are not selected, we will unfortunately be unable to accommodate you with a seat. We will add you to our waitlist.


  • 13-16 years old
  • At least one year completed at a State Park Junior Lifeguard
  • Pass a physical swim test and run-swim-run scenario
    • 500 yard open water swim in 15 minutes
    • 100 yard run, 200 yard swim, 100 yard run in 5 minutes
  • Participate in an oral interview
    • Resumes/letters of recommendation are strongly encouraged


2022 Assistant Tryouts

Assistant tryouts for Session 1 and Session 2 assistants will be held from 4:30 PM - 7:30 PM on May 16th and May 17th at Negro Bar State Park. 

(Note: As of 5/3/2022 we are no longer accepting additional tryouts for May 16, if you would like to tryout & have not reserved a tryout seat, you may only tryout on May 17th)

You MUST email Matt Trefry at Folsomjrlifeguard@parks.ca.gov to reserve a tryout time slot. Interviews will take place following the physical tryout.



Assistants will complete their tryout, then assist the general JG tryout. After all tryouts have been concluded interviews will begin. Participants will select interview times after their physical event. Interviews will be conducted every 15 minutes beginning after the general tryout concludes.

Physical Events

500 yard open water swim in 15 minutes
100 yard run, 300 yard swim, 100 yard run in 15 minutes

Oral Interview

Applicants are encouraged to have knowledge of the Junior Lifeguard program, CA State Parks Mission Statement, and basic lifeguard skills.  It is strongly recommended that you attend your interview with a resume and in professional business attire.

JG Assistant candidates need to have a parent or guardian in attendance at the tryout to swim.