Let's start up the stairs. I'll tell you now, we have a long climb ahead of us. This is probably a good time to talk about the stairs we'll be climbing.

A foundry in San Francisco named "Nutting and Son" made them, and the platforms we'll be walking on to get to the top. They also made the balconies and other ironwork used in the light-house. By the time Pigeon Point Light Station was being built, Nutting and Son had already produced the stairs and ironwork for our sister light-house up the coast, Point Arena

Nutting sent the stairs and platforms down to Pigeon Point in pieces. The construction crew working on the tower was supposed to install the stairs as they built the tower. I'll let you in on a little secret; they had a problem with the stairs. The workmen couldn't quite figure out how to put them together! They also thought some of the pieces might be missing. A request was sent to Mr. Nutting to have the machinist who assembled the staircase sent down to Pigeon Point from San Francisco to straight things out. The machinist was able to show the crew how to put together the stairs and the tower was finally finished.