Well, back to work. We also had to keep up with the paperwork as well as operate and maintain the light station. Here I'm in the work-room. It was built at the same time as the tower. This is where we would repair equipment, update the log, and take care of administrative paperwork. And was there paperwork! This is a list of just some of the forms we needed to have on hand:

Vouchers for keepers' salaries
Payroll forms
Receipts for extra supplies
Keeper's receipts for property on taking charge
Annual property returns
Returns of expenditures for oil wicks, and chimneys
Monthly reports of condition of the station
Fog signal reports
Absence reports
Shipwreck reports

I get tired just thinking about it. In addition to the forms we had record books to maintain on:

Allowances for supplies
Daily expenditures of oil, wicks, and chimneys
Fog signal record
General account book
Daily journal of activities at the station noting the weather and any unusual events.