Regional Parks Program

Competitive grants will create, expand, or improve regional parks and regional park facilities.

This is a Proposition 68 (2018 Bond Act) program found in Public Resources Code §80065(a).

Eligible Projects

  • Acquisition for new or enhanced public access and use
  • Development to create or renovate:
    • Trails, with preference given to multiuse trails over single-use trails
    • Regional sports complexes
    • Visitor and interpretive facilities
    • Other types of recreation and support facilities in regional parks

Eligible Applicants

  • Counties
  • Regional Park Districts, Regional Open-Space Districts•Open-Space Authorities formed pursuant to Public Resources Code Division 26 (commencing with Section 35100)
  • Joint Powers Authorities where at least one of the members is otherwise eligible on this list
  • Nonprofit organizations qualified to do business in California and qualified under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code

Program Amount
$23,125,000 upon appropriation by the legislature. Funding is currently not available.

Next Steps

  1.  The Draft Application Guide will be posted here for public review in Spring 2019.
  2.  Applications will not be due in 2019.  An application due date will be announced here after the Application Guide is finalized.
  3.  Application Workshops will be offered statewide when the Application Guide is finalized.