Rural Recreation and Tourism Program

Rural Recreation and Tourism Program (RRT)

Application workshop webinars are available January through February 2021.  See the Agenda and RSVP link below.

The Rural Recreation and Tourism Program will create new recreation opportunities within rural communities to support health-related and economic goals.  This program is funded by Proposition 68 (2018 Bond Act), which is found in Public Resources Code §80090(a)(b).

Eligible Applicants

  • Cities
  • Counties
  • Eligible Districts (as defined in the Application Guide) in nonurbanized areas.

*  To qualify as a rural community, the project site must meet one of these thresholds: 

1. Be in a county with a population below 500,000 people, and, in a city/town/census designated place that has a population below 50,000 people.


2. Be in a county with a population below 500,000 people, and, in a city/town/census designated place that has a population below 80,000 people, provided that the county below 500,000 people has adopted State planning priorities pursuant to Government Code Section 65041.1. The applicant shall include in the RRT application a letter or other documentation from the County's Planning Agency confirming the county has adopted one or more State planning priorities found in Government Code Section 65041.1 to limit sprawl, protect environmental and agricultural resources, and encourages efficient infill development patterns within incorporated city limits.

Eligible Projects and Priorities

  • Acquisition and development, or development of land to:
    • Create new recreational opportunities in rural communities that have a lack of outdoor recreation infrastructure.  Projects that support both economic and health-related goals for residential recreation and will attract out-of-town visitors will be given priority.
    • New opportunities are the creation of facilities that currently do not exist, and may include but are not limited to:
      • Accessible trails and bikeways for wildlife viewing or other significant draws
      • Sports complexes that host travel ball tournaments and leagues
      • Visitor centers that interpret a significant historic or natural resource
      • Amphitheaters that support performing arts and other cultural recreation attractions
      • Campgrounds
      • Access to waterways
      • Aquatic centers

Total Amount Available for Competitive Grants

Rural Recreation and Tourism Program Application Guide thumbnailApplication Guide

Use this guide to plan the Rural Recreation and Tourism Program application.  The Competitive Review Team is committed to give technical assistance.  Contact information is below.

Applications will be due November 5, 2021. 


Application Workshop Webinars (January/February 2021)

Regional Park Program application workshop webinars will be held in January and February of 2021. Please see below for the agenda and a link to sign up for one of the workshops. These workshops are not mandatory. However, potential applicants are highly encouraged to attend.

Technical Assistance Documents

Outline for Criteria Responses

Technical Assistance Contacts
For technical assistance, applicants are encouraged to send questions to the “Competitive Grant Application/Pre-Award” Project Officer based on the county where the project is located.  Please use this link:  List of Competitive Application Project Officers by County