About our Scouting Programs

Chino Hills State Park boasts an array of captivating offerings for all scouts, providing an enriching environment for outdoor exploration and skill development. Scouts can engage in diverse activities amidst the park’s stunning landscape, including hiking through scenic trails, wildlife observation, and opportunities to practice orienteering and navigation skills. The park’s expansive terrain accommodates camping experiences, enabling scouts to learn essential outdoor survival techniques, and fostering teamwork through group activities. Moreover, Chino Hills State Park serves as an educational hub, offering insightful programs on ecology, conservation, and the region’s natural history, ensuring an immersive and educational experience for scouts seeking to connect with nature and expand their knowledge base.

We also accept requests for Eagle Scout projects and Gold Award projects. 

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For more information or to schedule a scout program please contact State Park Interpreter Shelly Imler at michele.imler@parks.ca.gov