Department Tribal Liaison and Consultation Policies

The California Department of Parks and Recreation recognizes its special responsibility as the steward of many sites of cultural and spiritual significance to living Native peoples of California.

Governor Jerry Brown's Executive Order B-10-11 established the need for each agency within California Government to have a Tribal Liaison person, who will coordinate with the Governor’s Tribal Advisor and other agency liaisons in other departments.  State Parks appointed a Tribal Liaison in early March 2013. The Department’s Tribal Liaison works to engage in open, respectful, ongoing consultation with appropriate California Indian tribes or groups in the proper management of areas, places, objects or burials associated with their heritage, sacred sites and traditional cultural properties or cultural traditions in the State Park System. There are nine primary areas where consultation is appropriate. Prior to implementing projects or policies that may have impacts to Native California Indian sites within the State Park System, the Department will actively consult with local Native California Indian tribes regarding the protection, preservation and/or mitigation of cultural sites and sacred sites in the State Park System.

Consultation between local Native California Indian tribes and California State Parks is required in the following nine areas of activity:

  1. acquisition of properties where cultural sites are present;
  2. during the General Plan process and/or development of Management Plans;
  3. planning, design, and implementation of capital outlay, public works and development projects;
  4. issues of concern identified by the tribes;
  5. plant and mineral gathering by Native people;
  6. access to Native California Indian ceremonial sites;
  7. archaeological permitting;
  8. mitigation of vandalism and development of protective measures at California Indian sites; and
  9. when using the Native voice in presenting the story of Native California Indian people in park units.

Our Tribal Liaison is engaged in meeting with other agency liaisons, the Native American Heritage Commission, and California tribal communities to identify and respond to issues of importance to California Indian people throughout the State Park System.

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