California Department of Parks and Recreation recognizes its special responsibility as the steward of many areas of cultural and spiritual significance California Native American people. The Department issues California Native American Gathering Permits (DPR 864) to collect materials in units of the State Park System to qualified persons participating in the continuing practice of cultural traditions as part of the State’s historic preservation effort.

California Native Americans who are interested in gathering vegetation at California State Parks should complete a California Native American Gathering Permit (DPR 864). Applicants should return their completed permit to the appropriate District Tribal Liaison, which can be found on this list. The District Tribal Liaison will coordinate with other staff to complete the approval process. Reach out to the Tribal Affairs Program if questions or concerns arise through this process.

The Department’s Tribal Affairs Program is in the process of updating the Department’s California Native American Gathering Permit process. Please stay tuned for updates and engagements on this revision process.



California Native American Gathering Permit (DPR 864)

Department of Parks and Recreation Operations Manual 0300: Natural Resources 0317.1.3.7

California State Parks Native American Consultation Policy & Implementation Procedures [DN 2007-05]