JG Tryouts

*If you are a new Junior Lifeguard participant, (i.e. have never participated in a State Junior Lifeguard Program before), or if you did not participate in a State Junior Lifeguard Program last summer, you are REQUIRED to attend a tryout. Tryouts are non competitive and are used to ensure a minimum ability in the water.

We HIGHLY recommend that all potential participants get some pool/lap practice PRIOR to try-outs. All potential participants MUST pass try-outs in order to be able to participate in the program so it's a great idea to get comfortable with achieving the following requirements before the day of try-outs.

Each new participant is required to demonstrate:

  1. A continuous 100 yard swim
  2. A 10 yard underwater swim
  3. Treading water for 3 minutes

Time standards for the 100 yard swim are as follows:

Ages 9 - 11: under 2:40
Ages 12 - 13: under 2:30
Ages 14 - 15: under 2:00


New Participant Tryout Dates:

May 11th  1-5pm and May 18th from 1-5pm

Location: Half Moon Bay High School Pool

Tryout Location:

All Tryouts will be held at the Half Moon Bay High School Pool.  Half Moon Bay High School is located at the Northern end of Lewis Foster Dr. and does not have a street address; continue past the softball field and tennis courts into a parking lot enclosed by 4ft chainlink fence, from there walk North between buildings for 20 yds until you reach the pool entrance. 

* Half Moon Bay High School is not affiliated with Half Moon Bay State Junior Guards. Please do not contact them for further information. If you have questions please call the Junior Lifeguard Office (650) 207-5303.