The Half Moon Bay Youth Aide Program is a great opportunity for our youth community to learn more about lifeguarding, build leadership skills, and earn community service hours.  Youth Aides are a key component to our Junior Lifeguard Program and we encourage anyone who is 15-17 years old to tryout!


2024 Youth Aid Tryouts

The tryout will consist of a 500 yard open ocean swim with a maximum time limit of 15 minutes. Candidates who complete the swim in the allotted time will qualify for the Run-Swim-Run portion of the tryout which will consist of a 100 yard run- 200 yard swim-100 yard run.

     After successfully completing the tryout, candidates will be required to interview on the same day.

Tryout Date/Location:  May 18th 9 AM @ Dunes State Beach (South end of the parking lot)

Things to bring to the tryout:
Parent or Legal Guardian
Swim cap and goggles if preferred
Clothes/ towel to keep warm
School Identification, California Identification Card, or California Drivers License

Please also bring a set of clothes to change into after the swim for interviews which will take place on location.

Fill out before hand: Waiver

Fins will not be allowed.






Position Description:
This uniformed position will work under close supervision of the Junior Lifeguard Program Supervisor and report directly to an assigned Junior Lifeguard Program Instructor during the operating hours of the Junior Lifeguard Program. The incumbents will work with Lifeguard Staff and other Park Personnel in order to develop job skills, proper work habits, and leadership qualities through work experience.


  1. Minimum age is 15 years at time of appointment.
  2. Currently enrolled in an accredited high school or equivalent educational program.
  3. Willingness to work all necessary weekdays during the Junior Lifeguard Program operating hours (must be present for at least one session).
  4. Physical strength and endurance necessary to complete the following:
    • Competitive 500 yard ocean swim.
    • Competitive 100 yard run, 200 yard swim, 100 yard swim.
    • Competitive oral interview.
  5. Completion of the Junior Lifeguard Youth Aid training program.

Desirable Qualities:

  1. The ability to get along well with others and work within a work-group of highly
    motivated professionals.
  2. Willingness to follow directions and perform a variety of manual, instructional, or clerical tasks.
  3. A desire to develop job skills, proper work habits, and leadership qualities related to Lifeguard and other Park employment.

     Works with and assists staff in the facilitation of daily operation of the Junior Lifeguard Program under the direct supervision of a Junior Lifeguard Instructor and the Program Lifeguard II. Assists the program instructors in the aquatic safety interpretation process while developing leadership qualities and self-esteem through Team Building and Empowerment. Strives for a safe, professional, team oriented work environment and program that is free from sexual harassment, hostility, racial discrimination, or negative influences.

     Through work experience and training, the incumbent will develop skills in leadership, coaching, training, educating, and directing of Junior Lifeguard Program participants by being part of a high-performance, team based work group. Will at all times serve as a role model for the participants in the Junior Lifeguard Program.

     In accordance to DPR State Lifeguard standards, will develop skills in and familiarization with the Lifeguard Operations program, aquatic rescue procedures, rescue detection, first aid, CPR, Communicable Disease Prevention, and patient care. Learn about proper use of rescue equipment. Under close supervision will participate with trained lifeguard personnel in aquatic patrol in order to develop understanding and on the job experience. Methods of patrol may include: vehicle, tower, rescue boat, foot patrol, swimming, and rescue paddleboards.

     Ability and willingness to participate in work place and program safety by adhering to established safety protocols and policies. Learns to identify and correct safety problems when they arise and is responsible for developing an awareness of potential employee and Junior Lifeguard Participant safety issues while promoting this awareness within their work group and program.

     Ability and willingness to participate in the daily maintenance of the Junior Lifeguard Program facilities and equipment. Develop familiarity and skills in maintenance of facilities, equipment and clean-up of the program area.