• OCI Deputy Director Sedrick Sedrick Mitchell Deputy Director

    I loved the outdoors ever since I was a kid. I experienced the impact that it had on me, so I made it my life mission to provide outdoor access to as many families as I could.

    Hope to see you one day!

  • OCI Manager Dolores Dolores Mejia Senior Community Engagement Specialist

    I love the outdoors and sharing my knowledge of outdoor experiences with others. My greatest passion is working with underserved communities, and I take pride in providing much needed services to them.

    In my free time I love relaxing with Bruno my French Bulldog, taking walks, going shopping, and watching a good movie.

    (916) 902 - 8829

  • Senior Outreach Specialist Coach Love Lovella Sein-Colon Associate Community Engagement Specialist

    Working in recreation has always been my dream job. I get to work in the natural elements and share this joy with people from my community. My passion is creating engaging activities and opportunities for the youth.

    In my free time, I like to Netflix and chill.

    (916) 206-1999

  • Senior Outreach Specialist Sam Bell Sam Bell Associate Community Engagement Specialist

    I've always been inspired with the wonder of the outdoors. To me, there is no better feeling than sleeping under the stars and feeling connected with nature. I love sharing this passion with others. My goal is to connect people more with parks to spark their excitement for the outdoors.

    In my spare time, I love to mountain biking, go camping, hang out with my rabbits, and make glass art.

    (916) 639-9557

  • Outreach Specialist Chinh Chinh Nguyen Community Engagement Specialist

    Hi everyone, my name is Chinh and I like to lead groups in challenging activities. Seeing the satisfaction on everyone’s faces when they accomplish a difficult task together is the favorite part of my job. Let me know if you know any challenging teambuilding activities; I’d love to try them with my team!

    In my free time, I like to go biking, hiking, hammocking, camping, and watch movies and shows.

    (916) 201-0821