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    • OCI Deputy Director Sedrick Sedrick Mitchell Deputy Director

      I loved the outdoors ever since I was a kid. I experienced the impact that it had on me, so I made it my life mission to provide outdoor access to as many families as I could.

      Hope to see you one day!

    • OCI Manager Dolores Dolores Mejia Manager

      I love the outdoors and sharing my knowledge of outdoor experiences with others. My greatest passion is working with underserved communities, and I take pride in providing much needed services to them.

      In my free time I love relaxing with Bruno my French Bulldog, taking walks, going shopping, and watching a good movie.
      (916) 902 - 8829

    • Senior Outreach Specialist Katie Katie Freehling Senior Outreach Specialist

      Hi all! I joined the OCI team in the fall of 2019. Fostering opportunities for people to build lasting connections with nature and building meaningful partnerships with community organization are what I love most about mywork.

      I grew up in Nebraska jumping off sand dunes and camping with my family. Now I call California home. In my free time you'll find me traveling, hiking, or hanging out with my dog (Liam) and cat (Mose).
      (916) 809 - 4482

    • Outreach Specialist Chinh Chinh Nguyen Outreach Specialist

      Hi everyone, my name is Chinh and I like to lead groups in challenging activities. Seeing the satisfaction on everyone’s faces when they accomplish a difficult task together is the favorite part of my job. Let me know if you know any challenging teambuilding activities; I’d love to try them with my team!

      In my free time, I like to go biking, hiking, hammocking, camping, and watch movies and shows.
      (916) 201-0821