Office of Community Involvement

Our Impact

Working directly with community based organizations, agencies, adults, and youth, we establish relationships so that our programs are tailored to the needs of the communities that we serve. We specialize in providing training, special events, and activities so that all Californians can have the opportunity to experience parks and the benefits of outdoor recreation.  We're especially focused on non-traditional park users and under-served communities -  those kids and families who may not have the awareness, opportunity, or ability to utilize state park resources. The Office of Community Involvement creates opportunities to overcome barriers that may prevent access to the benefits that outdoor recreation provides.

Our Programs





Provides the opportunity to go camping for those who wouldn't otherwise be able to go on their own. The program strengthens human relations by introducing a new form of recreation that promotes a safe and affordable activity that involves all members of the family and/or community group.  FamCamp® is available for use by non-profit community based organizations that work with underserved populations who don't normally have access to the outdoors.


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Outdoor Youth ConnectionTM 
Designed for youth ages 13 through 17 who are affiliated with community based organizations. The program enables youth to experience outdoor activities, camping, teambuilding, and leadership.  They are empowered with the opportunity to develop life skills so that they can organize and lead their own outdoor trips and projects for their peers and community.

Youth Council



Outdoor Recreation Leadership Training
This interactive, hands-on training equips adults with the skills and confidence to lead outdoor recreation activities with an emphasis on camping.  Participants are certified to use the FamCamp® program so that they can introduce underserved populations of their communities to the benefits of outdoor recreation.  For more information contact our office at (916) 653-5454.

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California State Parks Police Activities League
Dedicated to building community relationships and enhancing the quality of life by expanding the horizons of young people.  State Parks PAL works with other cities and counties to create partnerships that enhance individual PAL programs with special event opportunities like Beach Play Day, Camporees, and kayaking programs.  Beach Play Day is a large annual event that draws more than 600 kids from all over California.  The Northern and Southern Camporees are similar campouts and activity venues, but on a smaller scale.

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Health and Wellness Initiatives 
Integrated components of our programs that help kids and adults make healthy choices in their diets, activities, behaviors, and lifestyles.  Take A Hike! and City Walks are program examples that help give people easy access to high quality outdoor recreation and exercise.  In all programs we continuously look for ways to introduce and demonstrate healthy eating and activities so that participants can begin to integrate healthy changes into their lives.