All Funds Have Been Allocated

On March 7, 2000, voters passed Proposition 12 by 63.2 percent, the $2.1 billion "Safe Neighborhood Parks, Clean Water, Clean Air and Coastal Protection Bond Act of 2000" (2000 Bond Act).  As passed, this bond act provided funds for local assistance grants, as provided for in Sections 5096.310, 5096.331 through 5096.345 and 5096.348 of the Public Resources Code.   Link to Text 

Proposition 12 Competitive Grant Programs Overview (May 19, 2016)

Proposition 12 (Brochure) - A Local Recreation Grants Overview (February 7, 2014)

The 2000 Parks Bond Act grant programs administered by the California Department of Parks and Recreation are listed as follows:  

2000 Parks Bond Act Programs 

  California Heritage Fund Grant Program
  Dr. Paul Chaffee Zoological Program

  Grant Program for Improvements to those units of the State Park System administered by Local Agencies

  Murray-Hayden Urban Parks and Youth Service Grant Program (Competitive Grants)

  Murray-Hayden Urban Parks and Youth Service Grant Program (Specified Grants)

  National Marine Sanctuaries Grant Program

  Non-motorized Trails Grant Program

  Per Capita Grant Program

  Regional Youth Soccer/Baseball Facilities Grant Program

  Riparian and Riverine Habitat Grant Program

  Roberti-Z’berg-Harris (RZH) Grant Program

  Urban Recreational and Cultural Centers (URCC) Grant Program


Changes in Language for Required Proposition 12 Signs:

The language on required signs for Proposition 12 (2000 Parks Bond) changed on July 2014 and the logo on required signs for Proposition 12 (2000 Parks Bond) changed as of March 2011.  The new guidelines including a link to the new graphics are now available.  If you have already posted your sign, you will not have to replace it.  As a reminder, the sign requirement applies to Proposition 12 projects only.  Please contact your project officer if you have questions.

 Sign Guidelines 
-  Updated 1/11/2019

Bond Logo art: Prop 12 Logo 2019
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 Contact your Project Officer if you have questions about the signage requirements for your project.