Murray-Hayden Urban Youth Services Grant Program (Specified Grants)

The Grant Funds for the Murray-Hayden Urban Youth Services Grant Program (Specified) will liquidate:  
 June 30, 2008

 Murray-Hayden Urban Youth Services Funded Projects  (Specified)

No Match Requirement:
Specified Murray-Hayden grants do not have a match requirement.

Program Overview:

To provide grant funding for capital projects, including parks, park facilities, environmental enhancement projects, youth centers, and environmental youth service centers, within immediate proximity of neighborhoods having a critical lack of parks and/or open space and/or deteriorated park facilities, with significant poverty and unemployment, and a shortage of services for youth.

Procedural Guide

A hardcopy can be requested by calling 916-653-7423.

California State Parks
Office of Grants & Local Services
PO Box 942896
Sacramento, CA 94296-0001

TEL 916-653-7423
FAX 916-653-6511

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