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Non-Motorized Trails Grant Program

   Non-Motorized Trails Grant Program Funded Projects

There was $9,447,000 available for this program. $7,707,000 was specified and $1,740,000 was competitive.

Applicants, for further information, please call your Project Officer at the Department of Parks and Recreation, Office of Grants and Local Services at (916) 653-7423.

Program Overview
This competitive grant program funds the development, improvement, rehabilitation, restoration, and enhancement of non-motorized trails and associated interpretive facilities for the purpose of increasing public access to, and enjoyment of, public areas for increased recreational opportunities.

Eligible Applicants
Eligible applicants include cities, counties, eligible districts, and eligible local agencies formed for park purposes, and federally recognized California Indian tribes.

Non-Motorized Trails Program Procedural Guide
PDF Format | MS Word Format

A hard copy can be requested by calling 916-653-7423.

Application deadline for this program was October 1, 2001