Program Overview
Funds for this grant program were allocated for projects pursuant to the Roberti-Z'berg-Harris Urban Open Space and Recreational Grant Program (Public Resources Code Chapter 3.2 commencing with Section 5620) for:

  • High priority projects that satisfy the most urgent park and recreation needs, with emphasis on unmet needs in the most heavily populated and most economically disadvantaged areas within each jurisdiction.

  • Projects for which funding supplements, rather than supplants, local expenditures for park and recreation facilities and does not diminish a local jurisdiction's efforts to provide park and recreation services.

  • Block grants allocated on the basis of population and location in urbanized areas.

  • Need-basis grants awarded competitively to eligible entities in urbanized areas and in nonurbanized areas.


All funds have been awarded. 

Funded Projects
RZH Nonurbanized Need Basis Grant Program Funded Projects: (PDF DOC)
RZH Urbanized Need Basis Grant Program Funded Projects: (PDF DOC)

Subprogram Descriptions
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