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Urbanized Area Need Basis Grants

  RZH Urbanized Area Need Basis Grants Funded Projects

Eligible applicants
Cities, Recreation and Park Districts and federally recognized California Indian tribes in urbanized areas.

Program Overview

Funds available for Urbanized Area Grants: $3,799,000 was available

Eligible Projects:

  • Acquisition of park and recreation lands and facilities
  • Development/rehabilitation of park and recreation lands and facilities
  • Special Major Maintenance of park and recreation lands and facilities
  • Innovative Recreation Programs
    Note: Special Major Maintenance and/or Innovative Recreation Programs may not exceed 30% of grant funds

    Match Requirement: Applicant must provide an amount of non-state funds equal to 30% of project amount.
Match Calculator for Need Basis Grants

Procedural Guide
A hard copy can be requested by calling 916-653-7423.

This is a statewide competitive program. These funds supplement Block Grant funds allocated {MS Word | Acrobat PDF) to eligible cities, and Recreation and Park Districts based on population and location within urbanized areas. Jurisdictions that received Block Grants at the rate for heavily urbanized areas are not eligible.

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