Program Overview

The purpose of the program is to fund high priority projects that satisfy the most urgent park and recreational needs in California, with emphasis on unmet needs in the most heavily populated and most economically disadvantaged areas within each jurisdiction.  Local governments in Urbanized Areas receive the greatest portion (83%) of the total program funds as block grants that are allocated on the basis of population.  The remaining 17% of the available funds from the RZH Program are for Need-Basis Grants (competitive, Project-by-Project) for both Urbanized and Nonurbanized local agencies and federally recognized California Indian tribes.

"Need-Basis grants" are distributed throughout the state according to the following formula:

I. 17% for need basis grants (project-by-project, competitive):

           a. 88% for nonurbanized cities, counties, and districts of the State and Federally recognized California Indian tribes located in nonurbanized areas.

           b. 12% for urbanized cities and recreation and park districts (excluding heavily urbanized jurisdictions) and Federally recognized California Indian tribes located in urbanized areas.

All funds have been awarded.

Amount Awarded: $29,850,426 

RZH Nonurbanized Area Need Basis Grants Funded Projects

Application Statistics: 195 applications requesting $53,256,023

This was a statewide competitive program.  These funds were available only to eligible entities located in nonurbanized areas.  Jurisdictions that received Block Grants were not eligible. PDF / DOC 

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